The Latest in Fillers


New custom components have enhanced a filler and capper. The monoblock filler and capper create a complete system that can be configured to meet filling applications for filling and capping bottles, vials, bottles, etc. Some of the new custom features include a precision pick-and-place insertion device and a cap-feeding system for capping accuracy at up to 120 bottles per minute. ESS Technologies Inc., Blacksburg, VA; 540/961-5716;


Modular Filler


A filler can be used in modular form. Servo/fill liquid fillers are designed to offer quick changeover and simple cleanup. They also possess the expansion capability from a single-head servo-controlled benchtop filler to a one- to four-head modular automatic unit, combining both a benchtop filler and an automatic filler. This dual capability allows a low-output period to utilize the benchtop, which can deliver the production output needed. For higher demand, the unit can be expanded into a modular automatic system. Production output can be multiplied by the amount of heads used. Oden, Tonawanda, NY; 716/874-3000;


Weight Filler


A bag filler fills by weight. The model C1-2 Fill by Weight Bag Filler for bulk bags has a load-cell-mounted weigh platform that can be NTEP approved if the contents of the filled bags are for resale by weight. Filling rates of up to 20 bags per hour are possible with integral roller conveyors and other options that allow further automation of the system. The C1-2 has broad industrial applications in the pharmaceutical industry. Spiroflow, Charlotte, NC; 704/291-9595;


Short-Run Filler


A machine fulfills short-run, low-volume syringe filling needs. The MTS series syringe filler features a single head and manual filling-and-closing system. The small footprint machine reaches speeds of up to 15 syringes per minute. The MTS can run most syringe types and closure configurations, filling them with products from thin lotions to heavy pastes. The manufacturer says its compact, efficient, and economical design fits well with short-run, low-volume syringe filling applications. ProSys Packaging Equipment Co., Webb City, MO; 417/673-5551;


Piston and Peristaltic Pump Combination


A dispenser combines the best elements of piston and peristaltic pumps. The i-Fill Micro is digitally controlled, uses disposable heads, calibrates dispense volume, and stores fill recipes. These qualities limit the need for manual intervention, eliminating repetitive stress injuries and providing repeatable dispense accuracy, according to the manufacturer. Dispense data can be captured in a read-only electronic record or output via a standard serial port. IQ/OQ validation templates are available to support integration effort. It can be used as a stand-alone or integrated with automated filling equipment. Intellitech Inc.; 866/434-5548;
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