From Items to Cases and Pallets -- And So On

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Acsis Inc. (Marlton, NJ) offers a scalable software solution that integrates enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and SupplyScape’s E-Pedigree application. As part of the solution, Acsis integrates serialization information between the manufacturer’s distribution floor and the ERP system, facilitating serialized Rx advanced shipping notices (RxASN) and E-Pedigree records. “Acsis’s serialization and integration expertise complements SupplyScape’s E-Pedigree application,” said Greg Cathcart, senior vice president of sales, marketing, and services of SupplyScape. “Acsis streamlines the integration of ERP software and shop floor systems with our E-Pedigree system to increase supply-chain visibility, deliver high levels of product security, and enhance patient safety.”

With a heritage in automated data collection, Acsis’s expertise has been producing software that captures data on supply-chain events, with a focus on SAP environments. As electronic pedigree rules evolved encouraging item serialization, Acsis began working with its partner, Systech, to perform item-level serialization on the packaging line, while Acsis manages the case and pallet serialization through distribution. Acsis’s serialization solution has the ability to submit all event data to SAP’s Auto ID Infrastructure, which could be considered to be a company’s primary data repository, as well as to electronic pedigree solutions such as SupplyScape’s.


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