Inspection Milestones

1993—Color inspection systems from scanware are integrated onto U.S. pharmaceutical packaging lines.
1996—Label Vision Systems introduces the Integra 9000 for 100% inspection and verification of bar codes in-line.
1996—Systech International introduces the TIPS Sentri machine vision system designed to work in tandem with the Advisor packaging performance line management solution.
1998—Micron Automation (re-established as Pharmaworks in 2002) launches distribution and integration of scanware Lynx-Spectra inspection technology solutions, including full web print inspection, product color, and foil pin hole and fracture detection.
1999—IMA Safe introduces the Swiftpack Swiftvision electronic tablet counter with infrared sensors and electrostatic field sensing for tablet size, shape, and weight assessment.
2000—Uhlmann launches the Uhlmann visiotec GmbH center of excellence with in–line inspection solutions for pharmaceuticals and packaging.
2001— Monitoring Technology Corp. offers the 20/20 Hindsight high-speed camera system with moveable kiosk for troubleshooting package and production operations.
2001—Optel Vision launches advanced LED light technology.
2002—Laetus offers the Polyphem wt machine vision for color camera 2D tablet blister inspection system. Height evaluation capability for 3D shape verification is added in 2011.
2004—Label Vision Systems provides the Integra 9500 off-line vision inspection system for verifying linear bar codes and 2-D matrix-style codes and grading to ISO/CEN/ANSI and EAN/UCC standards.
2005—Banner Engineering Corp. offers the PresencePlus P4 Edge sensor series with remote teach feature, and built-in live video image for real time viewing without a PC.
2006—Laetus introduces the Inspect wt inspection solution for managing server-based inspection devices on an Ethernet network.
2008 —Optel Vision installs its first camera-based slat inspection system, and completes its first serialization packaging line.
2009—Pharmaworks debuts the Blister Inspection Center, an in-line system for product and print inspection on sealed blisters.
2009—Banner Engineering launches the iVu series Image Sensor with vision-based imager, controller, and programmable touch screen display combined in one unit.
2009—Label Vision Systems provides the LVS 7500 for in-line 100% image inspection with grading of static and variable 1-D and 2-D bar codes to ISO print quality standards, optical character verification (OCV) of printed images, matching bar coded and human readable data, duplicate number checking, and blemish detection.
2009—Uhlmann Packaging Systems’s Visiotec division deploys the VisioSafe serialization solution with VisioRead vision inspection in the US; and the Total Quality & Coding Center, a stand-alone unit for retrofitting of serialization capability.
2009—EMX Industries offers the ColorMax VIEW sensor system for verifying the color of translucent packaging with a Windows-based application for sensor programming and results tracking.
2010— Cognex launches the In-Sight Track & Trace identification and data verification solution for healthcare serialization as a plug-and-play add on to Cognex In-Sight vision systems.
2010—Global Vision offers
BraillePoint, an advanced Braille dot measurement tool, and Docu-Proof Enterprise, a client-server text
inspection solution.
2010—OCS Checkweighers completes its check weigher family series with the industrial PC-operated HC-Medium designed for mid-range speeds.
2010—Pharmaworks offers Lynx Spectra 3D for inspecting blister packaging and tablet inspection in three dimensions.
2011—Laetus offers the SmartSpec line of smart cameras for applications including OCV, bar code inspections, vial colors, distance measurement, and blisters.
2011—Mettler-Toledo acquires
Pharmacontrol Electronic (PCE) to provide a comprehensive track and trace solution.
2011—Teledyne Dalsa provides BOA IDR smart cameras with embedded iNspect Express software tools for reading and verification of bar codes, 2D codes, and characters.
2011—Laetus supplies enhanced grid integrity inspection with incorporation of a color camera in the Inspect wt inspection solution.
2011—Datalogic Group acquires PPT Vision Inc. combining two providers of high-performance machine vision solutions.
2012—Optel Vision and Aylward unveil the TabletProof 360˚ vision system providing a simultaneous 360° inspection of each tablet or capsule at a speed up to 2000 products per minute.
2012—Bosch Packaging Technology buys the machinery business companies of Eisai Co. specializing in inspection machinery for the pharmaceutical industry.
2012 —Optel Vision completes an additional 25,000 sq. ft. building expansion in Quebec City to support demand for track and trace.
2012—Cognex offers the In-Sight 7010 entry-level, self-contained vision system with built in autofocus capability, integrated lighting, and an Easy Builder interface for configuring tools for various vision applications.
2013—Keyence Corp. of America offers the SR-750 Series of 1-D and 2-D code readers with advanced decoding algorithms, the techniques of brightness and contrast threshold correction, and enhanced image filtering capabilities for optimized images prior to decoding.
2013—Cognex provides In-Sight Track & Trace 2.0, with the OCRMax tool for advanced read rates of human-readable dates, lot codes, and serial numbers.
2013—Mettler-Toledo debuts the high-speed CI-Vision V6300 vision inspection. Supporting up to five cameras, the system performs multiple inspections simultaneously on the same image checking for gross formation defects, label quality and positioning, closure application, fill level, and1-D and 2-D bar codes.
2013—Microscan follows the 2011 launch of AutoVision machine vision software with AutoVision 2.0 featuring a simplified user interface and an advanced toolset for inspection, error proofing, and identification
2013—Advanced Vision Technology debuts ZeroSet Automated Inspection Workflow featuring AVT’s Automatic Inspection Solution integrated with Esko pre-production design and workflow software for streamlining quality control work flow from pre-press to press.
2013—Xyntek-Antares and ESS Technologies offer an integrated track and trace solution with Antares Omnivision modules inspecting and recording preprinted codes on labels, and robot-assisted camera inspection of bottom label codes on collated product before case packing.
2013—Omega Design Corp. debuts the LabelSync 450 Vision Module for capturing and establishing a one-to-one relationship between a bottle’s unique serialized label and its individual line code.
2013—Pharmaworks introduces the VIS Vibratory Inspection System for sorting inspecting and counting bulk product with metal detection.
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