Innovative Labels & cartons

Labels and cartons promote products as well as provide tamper-evident features.

Plastic Cartons

A company produces clear plastic cartons to differentiate new products and attract consumer attention. A proprietary process called SoftCrease is used to erase rigid plastic film�s penchant for returning to its original flat shape. The company created a decorative, eight-color carton for GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare�s Aquafresh Extreme Clean toothpaste. The carton held its folded shape without stiff score lines and ran on filling lines at high speeds in enough volume to support the company�s national marketing effort. AGI/Klearfold, Warrington, PA; 877/918-3023;  

Security Content Labels

A security content label combines overt, covert, forensic, and RFID systems that make it possible to determine a drug�s origin and cross-check for authenticity from manufacturing site through distribution to pharmacies and patients. The labels ensure that pharmacies are receiving authentic drugs before giving patients their prescriptions. They can then transfer one of the secure brand labels to the patient�s prescription to give the consumer overt confirmation of drug authenticity. The label design lends itself to high-speed application and is machine and human readable. It is available in a prime label format and booklet/concertina format. CCL Label, Upland, CA; 909/608-2269;

PearlWrap and ClearWrap

Shrink-film labels, featuring rotary screen printing, provide a bright and bold three-dimensional effect that adds impact to product packaging. PearlWrap and ClearWrap labeling reflect light and shimmer, giving graphics depth. Each product increases advertising real estate by using an entire container to create 360� graphics. The labels are available in a range of thicknesses to meet specific requirements. They can be applied to various container shapes and sizes, such as necked aluminum aerosol cans and plastic containers. The labels can be dispensed at high speeds using current automatic dispensing systems. PearlWrap and ClearWrap combine UV flexo/rotary screen-printing technologies to make graphics stand out. The Kennedy Group, Willoughby, OH; 440/951-7660;


A line of shrink-label films has been extended to include a vinyl shrink-label film with a frosty matte surface for full-body shrink-sleeve label applications. The film is engineered to provide a frosty appearance on glass, thereby offering a cost-effective, shrink-sleeve film alternative to acid-etched glass containers. The film has 52% shrink properties and is available in 60-�m clear matte or gloss. It offers excellent gauge control, lay-flat properties, ink adhesion, and seaming ability. Kl�ckner Pentaplast, Gordonsville, VA; 434/293-7718;

RFID Labels
A company facilitates the use of RFID in drug packaging. As a primary supplier to many of the pharmaceutical manufacturers affected by the recent Wal-Mart mandate, the company became the first pharmaceutical printer to provide RFID integration in the labels it produces. It designed a process through which RFID tags are encoded, scanned, and embedded in regular labels that can be readily used to package pharmaceutical products. The Challenge Printing Co., Wallington, NJ; 973/471-4700;


A company supplies custom folding cartons and pressure-sensitive labels to the private-label pharmaceutical, nutritional supplement, and cosmetic industries. It focuses on companies that require short- to high-volume production runs and have frequent packaging changes. Multicolor, multiprocess printing is offered as well as intricate folding and construction. The company was recently acquired by ICV Capital Partners. Innovative Creative Packaging Solutions, South Plainfield, NJ; 908/757-6000, ext. 144;

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