Hospira Drops IV Bag Overwrap with High-Barrier IV Bag

With the VisIV container, Hospira (Lake Forest, IL) is offering a “totally redesigned” IV bag with barrier properties that obviate the need for an overwrap.

The VisIV bag from Hospira addresses medical waste and ease of use by employing a high-barrier bag material and eliminating the IV bag overwrap. A safety port keeps ports sterile out of the box, and port and port tube designs prevent needle sticks.

The VisIV employs a multilayer film of “highly engineered thermoplastics including polypropylene” that provides moisture-barrier properties, thermal stability, and inertness, required for IV medications. The VisIV container can be steam sterilized via autoclave, Hospira said.

“The VisIV is the most complete overhaul of the IV container in the past 30 years because it requires no overwrap and in addition provides greater caregiver and patient safety. We consider this to be the most significant improvement to the IV container since the switch from glass to plastic in the 1970s,” says Jason Hodges, Hospira communications specialist.

The PVC- and DEHP-free bag addresses the leaching associated with PVC. FDA has said that the use of DEHP plasticizers is potentially incompatible for certain products, including blood, and drugs and solutions that contain lipids. Through the use of the new material, and by the overwrap elimination, users can reduce medical waste by 40–70%, Hopsira said.

The bag promotes speed of medication delivery since there is no overwrap needing removal and discarding. Caregivers don’t have to swab and disinfect the medication additive port. A Blu-Med safety port with an egonomic pull ring keeps ports sterile out of the box. Addressing safety, the port features a flanged design with two to three times the surface area of other IV containers, allowing for easier needle insertion. Tough plastic port tubes additionally help protect caregivers against needle sticks.

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“In fast-moving critical-care situations, VisIV protects against needle-stick injuries. And medications can be added immediately out of the container,” says Hodges.


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