Helpful Software

These programs assist users in monitoring and designing their products and processes.



Software enables mass serialization and track-and-trace of RFID- and bar code–serialized products. The TIPS Serialized Product Tracking software records the serial numbers of unit-level items, tracks parent-child relationships, and accounts for compromised products discharged from the packaging line. The software provides manufacturers with complete visibility of products throughout the supply chain, and customers are able to authenticate products they receive. In addition to anticounterfeiting, product authentication, and chain of custody, applications for the software include diversion control, pedigree, and Bollini tracking of vignettes. Systech International, Cranbury, NJ; 609/395-8400;

Quality Assurance

A Web-based software module is designed for product-focused quality assurance in the pharmaceutical industry. The software collects, assesses, and documents deviations from standards as well as revisions, customer complaints, and investigational findings. The PAS-CAPA module for the company’s PAS-X MES solution is designed to also track change requests and ensuing corrective and preventive actions in a way that is compliant with regulatory requirements. Werum Software & Systems, Towaco, NJ; 973/257-0808;


A provider of machine vision solutions offers industrial optical character recognition (OCR) software. The EconoCR industrial OCR software is well suited for implementation on Vision Components’ Texas Instruments TMS320C6XXX digital signal processor–based VC20XX smart cameras. It is designed for programmers, software engineers, and machine vision specialists. Users can create stand-alone industrial OCR systems. EconoCR’s library routine format also allows the software to easily be combined with 1-D bar and 2-D data matrix decoding software to produce more general-purpose video-camera– based automatic identification solutions. The Value Engineering Alliance, Cambridge, MA; 617/492-1252;

Process Monitoring

A company offers statistical process control (SPC) software for use in quality assurance applications to monitor and react to process variations during production and inspection. Release 6.0 of the company’s Synergy 2000 software provides tools that support sixsigma quality initiatives. It is designed for monitoring processes at multiple locations in real time. Release 6.0 features rainbow control charts as well as exponentially weighted moving average (EWMA) and Poisson EWMA control charts. The software also features a serial device interface that allows two-way I/O using device command strings. Users can view engineering drawings in JPG and BMP formats and simultaneously calculate control limits for multiple characteristics. The software runs on all Windows 32-bit operating systems. Zontec Inc., Cincinnati, OH; 513/648-9695;

Package Design

A company offers palletizing and package design software with easy-to-use programs and customer support. Case Pack is a set of programs for solving package design and pallet-loading problems. Once data are entered, the user can view a range of on-screen diagrams and reports to find the best solution for the user’s needs. The programs factor in product size, case count, case size, and pallet load. They analyze the most efficient way to pack products in bundles or trays or to shrink-wrap products. The user can add surface graphics to the design. The Truckfill program is designed to help the user plan, create, edit, print, and maintain multiproduct load plans to minimize empty space and time spent calculating the amount of product that can be loaded into containers and onto trucks. Cape Systems Inc., South Plainfield, NJ; 908/756-2000;

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