Enveloping the Cold


A new shipping container maintains 2–8°C temperature for 24 to 48 hours without using expanded poly-styrene (EPS). Thermal Packaging Systems Inc. (TPS; Wrentham, MA) has introduced the TPS Green Shipper system. The standard system, measuring either 12 × 10 × 10 in. or 12 × 12 × 12 in., is a double-walled corrugated container with a bonded densified fiber cube interior that has 2-in. walls. The payload chamber can be die-cut to conform to a customer’s payload and thermal requirements.

“Our TPS Green Shipper system can be used almost anywhere EPS is used,” explains Robert Piemonte, one of the company’s founders. “It can be modified to fit any size box or container without the cost of expensive EPS tooling and EPS disposal challenges.”

Piemonte calls the new shipper “green” because its insulation is made from recycled fiber. Also, the system itself can be recycled and reused.

To protect the payload, TPS employs one of its suppressed gel–filled bladder buffer-shield systems, the Gelvelope. When properly preconditioned, it manages initial thermal shock at pack out as well as provides cushioning. A suppressed-gel pouch and suppressed-gel blanket are alternate choices. “We heard from companies shipping certain drugs and blood products that they were looking to reduce the number of frozen gel packs, hence shipping weight,” explains Tom Zinnanti, TPS’s vice president of sales and marketing. “This efficient system allows that to happen, and we can formulate the suppressed-gel Gelvelope product line to stay soft and envelop and protect the payload, even at –20°C,” Zinnanti says.

TPS also offers a thermal-transit envelope product line. Features include a puncture-resistant metallized composite shell, which reflects 98% of all radiant heat transfer. Two airtight bladders filled with multi-denier fibers insulate the payload chamber, and the double-zip-and-tape closure creates an airtight closure for temperature-sensitive payloads, reports Zinnanti.

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