Eliminating Moisture with Desiccants

New desiccant styles are making insertion quick and easy.

Desiccant technology is available in continuous strips for easy package insertion. Continuous-strip PillowPak desiccants have seals that are detectable with the use of a light sensor, enabling users to employ automatic feeding and dispensing equipment. The desiccants can be supplied in a variety of formulations, including clay, silica gel, molecular sieve, and activated carbon, and in sizes ranging from 0.25 to 3 g. Substrates such as Tyvek and other nonwovens are typically used for the vitamin and pharmaceutical industries. Next-day delivery is available for most products. Desiccare Inc., Santa Fe Springs, CA. 

Four versions of Tyvek have been developed for packaging desiccants. Tyvek 1025BL, Tyvek 1056D, Tyvek 1059B, and Tyvek 1059D are available, with Tyvek 1025BL becoming increasingly sought after because of its potential to reduce costs. Tyvek 1025BL is a thinner substrate that retains a high degree of strength and puncture resistance. Its proprietary coating applied by the converter withstands rigorous testing and provides strength and consistency. The material is supplied in printed or plain rollstock, in a variety of widths. Phoenix Health Care Products LLC, Milwaukee, WI.

A desiccant material can be integrated directly into product packaging. The material can be produced in a variety of colors, designs, widths, and thicknesses, and can be incorporated into vials, canisters, containers, films, string, sheets, trays, strips, and other plastic forms. Vials and containers made of the desiccant film are airtight, leakproof, and sterile. Containers can be produced through injection molding, thermal forming, and blow molding. Absorption rates and capacities can be adjusted to meet specification requirements. CSP Technologies Inc., Auburn, AL. 

Sorbent packets are available in spools and fan-folded strips. StripPax packets feature a compact design to protect products and preserve shelf life while using little space. StripPax packets are available in a variety of sizes and blends to meet specific requirements, including moisture protection and odor elimination. Multisorb Technologies Inc., Buffalo, NY. 

Moisture-sensitive chemical activity and pharmaceutical potency are maintained by high-performance desiccants that are distributed worldwide. The MIL-SPEC adsorption performance also ensures that hygroscopic materials will continue to flow and that medical equipment does not become corroded. The supplier can produce packaging tailored to customer specifications and deliver it on time wherever and whenever it is needed. Engelhard Corp., Jackson, MS.

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