Eli Lilly Debuts Insulin Memory Pen

The HumaPen Memoir by Eli Lilly and Co. enables discrete injections in public.

Patient recording of daily insulin dosing regimens is helpful to patients and physicians who use the accurate recording of mealtime doses to develop diabetes treatment plans. Yet some patients injecting insulin before and after meals to manage blood sugar levels rely only on memory to keep track of their dosing. Others rely on how they feel, or don’t keep track at all, according to a survey by Eli Lilly and Co. (Indianapolis).

One third of patients reported that at least once a month they forgot whether they took an insulin dose, according to the 1000-person telephone survey of patients injecting at least once a day, conducted by Kelton Research.

Dosage recording in logs or journals or in online diaries are used by 58%. Another 22% rely on memory alone, and 8% rely on how they feel physically. Another 8% percent say are not tracking injections by any method, the study found.

For simplifying the daily management of diabetes, Lilly has launched a digital insulin pen with the ability to record the amount and time of dosing. The first digital insulin pen with memory, the HumaPen Memoir is a reusable device designed to resemble a writing pen, enabling more-discrete injections in public. Memoir is available nationally by prescription for use with Lilly’s Humalog (insulin lispro injection [rDNA origin]). “Individuals with diabetes face unique challenges in managing this highly complex and personal disease. The Memoir pen can help ease the management of diabetes at meal times, allowing patients to more accurately and discretely manage their dosing,” says Matt Beebe, Humalog brand team leader, Lilly USA.

Developed with Batelle Medical Device Solutions (Columbus, OH), the device features a chip design that wraps around the inside of the pen barrel. The user pushes a silver knob at the end of the pen to display and scroll through the time, date, and amount of the last 16 doses, including priming doses.

Survey respondents said that the Memoir pen would be most helpful in the areas of comparing insulin dose amounts to food intake, seeing the times of their last few doses, and seeing the amounts of the most recent dosing and dosing over several days.

Lilly also announced it will launch this year the reusable HumaPen Luxura HD for the delivery of Humalog in smaller increments for adults and children that don’t need large amounts of insulin. The pen delivers 1 to 30 units of Humalog in half-unit increments, beginning after the first unit.

Lilly points out that meal-to-meal blood sugar management resulting in recommended blood sugar levels remains an elusive goal. Fewer than half of Americans being treated for diabetes are achieving the American Diabetes Association’s blood sugar target of an A1C level of less than 7%. (A1C is a measure of average blood glucose levels over a two-to-three-month period).

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