Easy-to-Use and Consistent Sterilizers

Decontamination is efficient and convenient with sterilizers.

An electrically heated Class 100 cabinet oven can be used to sterilize glassware. The No. 774 oven, which measures 37 in. wide x 27 in. deep x 37 in. high, has a maximum operating temperature of 260°C. The unit's transfer dolly and stainless-steel oven truck for loading and unloading feature integral locking mechanisms which ensure proper alignment of the dolly and truck. A 15-kW power input provides the heat source. Additional features include a 900-cfm, 1½-hp recirculating blower; a 130-cfm intake-pressurizing blower; a HEPA fresh-air filter with a 2-in. prefilter; photohelic pressure gauges with alarms; a digital-indication temperature controller; a 5-hour timer; and a solenoid-operated door lock. The Grieve Corp., Round Lake, IL.


An industrial sterilizer for steam and EtO processes features a Windows-based user interface with an Allen-Bradley PLC. Options for the SteriMagic sterilizer range from a basic, discrete valve configuration to complete proportional control of all process transitions. The controls are available with air overpressure and spray cooling options for steam and nitrogen purging, and blanketing for EtO. The company also has a state-of-the-art line of resistometers for validation and sterilization needs, which has recently been expanded to include an EtO model. The IL series of resistometers meet AAMI, ISO, and CEN standards. The company also provides consultative services including software validation, FDA filings, sterilizer validation, training, and sterilization and disinfection process optimizations. H & W Technology LLC, West Henrietta, NY.


An FDA-compliant, wireless process-monitoring system employs a probe to collect data during steam and EtO sterilization processes. The ValProbe system is capable of data collection, calculation, and reporting from up to 99 sensors. The system, which operates from –60° to 360°C and 0–75 psia, can generate user-defined reports for up to 50 sensors at one time. The system downloads up to 10 probes simultaneously. Additional features include convenient on-site calibration and a battery life indicator. ValProbe satisfies FDA Regulation 21 CFR Part 11 requirements for electronic signatures and records. Kaye Instruments Inc., North Billerica, MA.


An electron beam linear accelerator is well suited for medium-energy industrial processing applications including in-line sterilization of disposable medical supplies. The Minilac provides 2 MeV of electron energy, an average beam current of 5.0 mA, an average beam power of 10 kW, a pulse rate of 500 per second, and a scanned width of 0.5 m. The system is controlled by a Siemens S5 PLC, an industrial PC, and HMI software. The 17-in. monitor, keyboard, and mouse give the operator access to seven screens to control and monitor the accelerator parameters. This also allows for the Minilac to be networked with other line components, data logging, and on-line servicing. RPC Technologies, Hayward, CA.

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