Drug Delivery and Parenterals

Airless Dispensers
A manufacturer of precision airless dispensers adds two new sizes, 20 milliliters and 40 milliliters, to its Micro line of dispensers and a new 100-milliliter size to its Mezzo line of dispensers. The new additions to the company’s Micro line, its smallest series that has a dosing of 0.3 milliliters, brings the available sizes to 15 milliliters, 20 milliliters, 30 milliliters, 40 milliliters, and 50 milliliters. The dispensers in Mega’s Mezzo line, which is larger in diameter and has a dosing of 0.8 millileters, are now available in 30 milliliter, 50 milliliter, 75 milliliter, and 100 milliliter sizes. Mega Pumps, Eatontown, NJ, 732/578-9100, www.megapumps.com

Plastic Packaging
One manufacturer is offering a range of high-caliber plastic packages for liquid and solid medicines, including eye droppers, nasal spray bottles, tablet containers, and a wide spectrum of PET bottles. This year, new products with cross-system functionality include a series of caps with dosing cups; these tamper-evident closures with click-on dosing cups fit bottles and vials made of PE or PET as well as many that are made of molded glass. Syringe systems with a laser-applied identity code, multicolor printing, and a tamper-evident closure system are also available. These products can be delivered to the pharma industry sterile, preassembled, and with baked-on siliconization. A new type of laser encoding provides glass syringes with an indelible label in a space of just one square millimeter on the finger flange. The tiny matrix code can be read by scanners in clinics and pharmacies, enabling the identity of the product to be established at any time, which helps avoids confusion and provides an effective track and trace solution. Gerresheimer AG, Düsseldorf, Germany, +49 211 6181 250, www.gerresheimer.com.

Prefilled Syringes
A provider of aseptically prefilled injection systems will open a technologically advanced customer service facility located in Chicago. Vetter Development Service will allow the company to provide greater support of its U.S. customers. Using state-of-the-art technology, the company will be capable of aseptically filling very small quantities of products in the new facility, providing faster and more streamlined product delivery and customer service. With its new U.S. location, the company can process and test small quantities of materials by bringing the development process closer to key customers. Vetter Pharma International GmbH, Ravensburg, Germany, +49 751 3700 0, www.vetter-pharma.com.

ISO 15378 Certification
A company producing primary packaging for pharmaceuticals now boasts an ISO 15378:2006 certification for the pharma division. ISO 15378:2006 certification concerns the production of sterile and non-sterile syringes. The company ensures centralized quality management as well as the proper application of existing procedures. Stevanato Group, Padova, Italy, +39 049 9318111, www.stevanatogroup.com

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