A Dose of Protection

One on-dose technology is NanoGuardian’s NanoEncryption technology, a brand-protection technology that enables manufacturers to trace and authenticate every single dose. NanoEncryption technology places overt, covert, and forensic-level security features on each individual dose and can be used to protect tablets, capsules, and single-use vial caps. NanoGuardian’s multiple-layered security features provide a dually protective benefit to manufacturers with a single technology.

The overt and covert security features enable authentication of each dose at any point in the supply chain, while NanoGuardian’s forensic-level NanoCodes provide comprehensive tracing information on each and every dose. Unlike e-pedigree technologies, NanoGuardian’s NanoEncryption technology does not rely on investment by downstream supply-chain partners to be effective, so NanoGuardian can provide immediate benefits to manufacturers in the fight against counterfeiting and illegal diversion.

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