Convenience Package
An 11.5-mL desiccated bottle is developed to support convenience and trial-size packages. It is designed with a 20 to 400 threaded top compatible with a traditional push and turn CR screw-cap closure with an induction seal. The 11.5-mL bottle uses a patented desiccant plastic technology and provides companies a solution to protect moisture-sensitive products in a traditional convenience pack size. Pharmaceutical companies are
evaluating this product for use with prescription and over-the-counter products. CSP Technologies Inc.; Auburn, AL; 334-887-8311;


Handy Active Tubes
HAT-Snap is a pharmaceutical package with a desiccant flip-top closure. The injection molded polyethylene flip-top closure includes a break-away, tamper-evident ring, and a desiccant to protect the product from moisture and enhance shelf life. The flip-top closure is designed and molded with a stay-open hinge system. The closure can include a plastic loop that fulfills the function of the spiral found on traditional desiccant stoppers, keeping tablets safe and secure during shipping and storage. The closure can be filled with a variety of desiccants, such as bentonite, silica gel, and molecular sieve, to maintain a dry package environment. Süd-Chemie Inc.; Munich, Germany; +49 89 5110-0;


Desiccating Technology
The launch of DesiShield is geared toward moisture sensitive devices and diagnostic products. The product maximizes a product’s shelf-life by driving down the relative humidity once a package is sealed, and prevents progressive moisture ingress that can normally occur over time with a standard foil pouch. DesiShield’s moisture scavenging system is built into the foil lamination and removes moisture resins blended into the sealant layer that meets FDA requirements. This process eliminates seal, product, and sterile field contamination risks associated with alternative physical absorbers, such as sachets. Alcan Packaging; Montreal, Quebec; 514/848-8000;


Desiccant Polymer
DryKeep, a new desiccant polymer, absorbs 100% of its weight in water, providing three times more absorptive capacity than with other in-wall and loose desiccant systems. DryKeep’s moisture uptake is controllable, enabling specific internal humidity to be targeted and maintained for the entire life of the product. DryKeep can be molded into any polymer and used in any plastic process. The bottles are available in multilayer extrusion blow molding and monolayer injection blow molding formats in any size, and are cost-neutral to traditional packaging including a desiccant. TricorBraun; St. Louis, MO; 800/325-7782;

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