Create Custom Packages with Blister Machinery

Blister machinery allows operators to define materials, type of sealing operation, and final package size.

A tabletop blister sealer was designed with the entry-level and low-volume manufacturer in mind. The Model AS-1012 produces high-quality blister packages that look identical to those produced on high-volume, fully automated machines. The Model AS-1012 has a 10 x 12-in. sealing area and accepts blisters up to 3.25 in. deep. The unit features full controls including a precision electronic temperature control, a main off/on switch, a heater off/on switch, and an adjustable seal timer. Custom seal tools are offered to accommodate specific packaging designs.Visual Packaging Systems Inc., St-Laurent, QC, Canada.

A high-speed thermoformer separates production operations and mechanical functions into independently enclosed areas. The MB451 thermoformer has five working modules that may be optimized and are self-adjusting to the film already formed. The design allows easy accessibility for inspection, cleaning, and changeover. The MB451 features built-in production protection, fast changeover without tools, automatic product checking, and stop and ejection systems. Marchesini Packaging, West Caldwell, NJ.

A self-sufficient thermoformer uses lasers and servo mechanisms to monitor and make adjustments automatically during operation. The 1070 thermoformer can run more than 600 blisters per minute. The machine, which features quick changeovers, provides maximum versatility for handling multiple contract packaging operations. The company provides sales support, service technicians, parts inventory, tool manufacturing, and on-site engineering for full-line integrations. Uhlmann Packaging Systems Inc., Towaco, NJ.

Blister machinery offers forming, sealing, and cutting operations as well as flexibility in package design. The Sepha EZ Blister, a semiautomatic pharmaceutical blister packaging machine, produces blisters of high quality that are equivalent to those produced on high-speed automatic lines. The EZ Blister allows research and development departments to produce samples in-house and reduce market entry time for new products. Kalish, a member of DT Industries Packaging Group, Kirkland, Montreal, QC, Canada.

Cold forming and thermoforming are offered on one blister packaging machine. The Ministar P-250 series blister machines change over from blister cold forming to thermoforming by means of a simple touch screen. The P-250 series handles PVC, PVdC, PET, Aclar, and aluminum as well as aluminum/aluminum, aluminum/paper, PVC/aluminum, and deep draw. Its robust construction is designed to meet strict CGMP and safety standards. The high-speed, intermittent-motion unit is suitable for pharmaceutical, biotech, nutraceutical, and hospital unit-dose packaging. Key International Inc., Englishtown, NJ.

A combination horizontal and rotary blister machine handles web widths of up to 125 mm. The BlisterPak 120 features a forming station with aluminum preheating plate, a sealing station with net-type sealing roller, and a digit embossing station. The unit also offers a foil draw-off station, temperature regulators, and an automatic sensing system that stops the machine at any fault. A complete set of change parts comes with the BlisterPak 120. CapPlus Technologies, Phoenix, AZ.

An integrated blister packaging and cartoning machine is completely servo driven and measures less than 25 ft in length. The Compacker-200/Pacliner-1500 system operates at speeds up to 80 blister packs per minute and 150 cartons per minute, respectively. The thermoformer can be equipped with both rotary and platen sealing systems or with one or the other. Intermittent and continuous web movement capability in the filling area helps to optimize filling efficiencies. A blister-transfer system on the intermittent-motion cartoner eliminates the need for a stacking magazine or change parts for different-sized blisters. Klöckner Medipak, Clearwater, FL.

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