Companies Team Up to Introduce Brand Protection Technology

Two firms combine technologies to enhance product identification.

By Milos Blagojevic

As the old adage goes, two heads are better than one, and the world of brand protection and authentication is no exception.

Covert markers can contain multiple layers of information, including art and text.

ARmark Authentication Technologies LLC (Glen Rock, PA) has paired up with Smiths Detection (Watford, United Kingdom) to launch IntelliMark, a product identification system that features ARmark’s microscopic covert markers combined with Smiths Detection’s IdentifyIR or IlluminatIR instruments.

Essential to the launch of this system was the two companies combining to each add key components as if putting together large pieces of a puzzle. ARmark’s covert markers are used in combination with Smiths Detection’s analytical instruments to create a brand authentication solution.

“By partnering with Smiths Detection, [we] provide brand owners with a combination system of on-product authentication and an immediate feedback system for track and trace,” says Jeff Robertson, director and general manager of ARmark. “Previously, [ARmark’s] covert marker technology was only detected optically.” Now, using Smiths’ capabilities, the markers can be detected without line of sight through spectral recognition and image recognition.

ARmark’s microscopic marker technology provides the ability to verify contents, monitor environmental conditions, and identify origin in case of contamination or counterfeiting. The covert marker is integrated into products and identified with the instruments from Smiths Detection.

A secondary level of verification is provided through the Smiths Detection Touchback service, which allows for a user in the field to gain immediate verification as well as various supply-chain information on the product.
In a particle smaller than the diameter of a human hair, the covert marker can contain multiple layers of information, including text and art.

Custom-designed for each customer, they can be applied directly to packaging materials delivered using aerosols, inks, overprint varnishes, papers, adhesives, and films.

“The clear advantage of IntelliMark is the ability to create multiple levels of covert security that can be tailored to the individual end user’s needs,” says Brad Mueller, vice president and general manager of commercial safety and security at Smiths Detection, in a press release. “Our intelligent marker solution enables literally any company to add a sophisticated layer of brand protection to every type of product.”

Not surprisingly, this may not be the end of collaboration between Smiths Detection and ARmark.
“I am sure with all the capabilities Smiths Detection and ARmark Authentication Technologies have combined, and Smiths’ breadth of market penetration, there will be much more future collaboration to be investigated,” Robertson says.

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