Carton Service-Packaging Insights is Now Pharma Packaging Solutions

Pharma Packaging Solutions, a division of Carton Service, Inc. (Norris, TN), and formerly known as Carton Service-Packaging Insights, announces its new name today. The new name is "the result of customer input and survey analysis to determine the name that best describes how the company serves the pharmaceutical industry," Pharma Packaging Solutions reports. "Hundreds of customers and field experts weighed in on the name selection for the turnkey contract and compliance packaging company, which serves branded, generic, and virtual pharmaceutical companies."

“We created a slate of name choices which we believe most accurately reflects what we do best,” said Pharma Packaging Solutions President, Reid Lederer, “and that’s assisting branded, generic, and virtual pharmaceutical companies sell more of their products by providing innovative, competitive, secure packaging solutions. Over and over, ‘Pharma Packaging Solutions’ rose to the top of the name-selection choices.”

In March, the company introduced the patented F=1 blister packaging solution, CRx Pack, with its senior-friendly (SF) design to assist with dosage compliance, including a proprietary child-resistant (CR) locking system. The custom design, combined with proprietary construction, ensures the pharmaceutical customer’s solid-dose pharma product captures market attention while maintaining stringent CR-SF standards for compliance, safety, and security.

The design assembly can be semimanual for smaller batch runs as well as automated for larger volumes.

Pharma Packaging Solutions has also launched a brand new Web site,, featuring not only the new name and logo, but an entire redesign built on the concept of meeting customers and site visitors exactly at their point of need.

Pharma Packaging Solutions delivers turnkey contract and compliance packaging solutions for branded, generic, and virtual pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies throughout North America. Pharma Packaging Solutions specializes in helping companies increase product sales success via secure packaging design created to increase patient compliance and enhance consumer safety. As a cGMP compliant packaging provider with DEA Schedule III-V approval and FDA registration and licensing, Pharma Packaging Solutions maintains an excellent regulatory record, while offering personalized service, quality systems, batch size flexibility, and on-time and on-budget product delivery.


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