Capsule Fillers Suit a Range of Needs

Machines handle every capsule size, production run, and type of dose.

There's a filler for every purpose, whether it's a manual unit that can produce a few thousand capsules per hour or a fully automatic machine that kicks out 10 times that amount. In addition, certain machines can handle a variety of dosage forms—powders of different weights, pellets, herbal products, or liquids. Equipment manufacturers have created options to make the task of filling capsules even easier. Automatic loaders, tamping tools, and weight checkers can streamline the filling process, and change parts allow a single unit to handle capsules in many sizes.

A capsule-filling system is suited for lab scale or prototype filling of gelatin capsules. The system has a heated product hopper, a high-accuracy dispensing pump, and an index system to fill a pallet of 24 capsules automatically. The unit uses capsule sizes 00 through 4, has a filling accuracy of ±1%, and fills 60 capsules per minute. Hibar Systems Ltd., Richmond Hill, ON, Canada.



An intermittent-motion capsule filler offers versatility with a wide range of possible filling combinations. The Macofar CD-60 capsule filler features up to four dosing stations and speeds of up to 60,000 capsules per hour. The dosing system permits tight fill-weight tolerances because each dosator has individual volume control. Powder compression for all dosators can be adjusted simultaneously. Automatic clearance of blocked feed channels prevents machine stoppages, and a powder recovery station ensures that finished capsules are free of product contamination. Romaco Inc., Morris Plains, NJ.



Continuous-motion capsule-filling machines are designed for speed, reliability, economy, and precision. The Matic 60, 90, and 120 models fill capsules with powder or pellets using a single tower design that performs simultaneous operations. Dosing is precise to within 1%. Easy access to machine parts allows size changeover to be completed in less than 60 minutes. The Matic models can provide up to eight hours of unsupervised production. IMA North America Inc., Fairfield, CT.



A continuous-motion capsule filler can fill capsules with either liquids, powders, tablets, or herbal products, in either single or multiple doses. The MG Futura, designed for the pharmaceutical and nutritional markets, can fill capsules at rates of 6000, 12,000, 24,000, and 48,000 capsules per hour. The multipurpose model also has a capacity of 96,000 capsules per hour while filling four pellet fractions (each at a different weight) into a single capsule. MG America, Fairfield, NJ.



Capsule-filling machines provide a complete processing system for hard gelatin capsules. The machines are available in several models and can fill 60 to 120 capsules per batch. The operator loads the capsules in the machine, removes the top halves, fills the remaining halves with powder, tamps, and closes the capsules all in one simple procedure. Machines will fill capsule sizes 5 through 000 and AA. Several accessories are offered, including loaders, enteric coating apparatus, miniblister packing, vibrating tables for dense product, and 100-count tamping tools. Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry Company, Inc., Ramsey, NJ.



A manual capsule-filling machine is suitable for small companies or for use in laboratories. The MF-30 manual capsule filler is easy to operate and can produce several thousand capsules per hour. Trays hold 300 capsules. Change parts are available for capsule sizes 00 through 5. The company also offers an automatic capsule-loading machine to be used in conjunction with the MF-30. The AL90 loads trays automatically and increases the output of the MF-30 to about 9000 capsules per hour. Encap Systems Inc., Carlsbad, CA.


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