Breathable Bags & Pouches

Custom-made and preformed bags and pouches protect medical devices.

Peelable Pouches
A line of sterilizable peelable breathable pouches is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 3 x 4 to 10 x 15 in. Composed of medical-grade Tyvek and clear polyethylene, the pouches have a chevron seal with bottom opening. They are capable of withstanding radiation sterilization as well as EtO. The films and laminates used to produce the pouches are puncture and abrasion resistant. Pouches come unprinted; however, customers can add their own label or request a quote for preprinting. Qosina, Edgewood, NY; 631/242-3000;

Techni-Vent Pouches
Breathable pouches are used to package a wide range of medical products for sterilization by EtO or radiation. Techni-Vent pouches provide a dust-proof, water-resistant, visual identifi-cation and aseptic presentation of the sterile item with a clean-peel-open feature. The Tyvek strip can be printed with logo or product information. The pouches conform to irregular and high-profile items. Custom pouches are available from 4 x 8 to 36 x 99 in. Technipaq Inc., Crystal Lake, IL; 815/477-1800;

Peel Pouches and Header Bags
For preformed packages, a company converts master rolls into header-style bags or peel pouches in an enclosed controlled environment. Multilayered header bags are manufactured for surgical trays and kits or more-bulky devices. The bags are custom made of polyethylene combinations and coated Tyvek header strip for breathability. The films available include coextrusions designed for strength and light-gauge polyethylene, which is often used as a cost-effective secondary sterile barrier. Bags are available in custom sizes from 2 to 99 in. wide and from 3 to 34 in. long. Peel pouches are widely used throughout the medical profession for sterile-until-opened disposables such as guidewires, catheters, and infusion systems, plus nondisposable instruments. They can be custom printed with up to four colors and made up to 36 in. wide and 100 in. long. Beacon Converters Inc., Saddle Brook, NJ; 201/797-2600;

Preformed Pouches
Tyvek, paper, and foil-laminate preformed pouches are suitable for implants, catheters, wound care, procedure trays, components, and instruments. The pouches are produced with a carefully controlled, consistent peel strength. Coated Tyvek pouches feature the company's 109P hot-melt adhesive applied via DotCoat process to either 1073B or 1059B Tyvek. For lower cost, 107P hot-melt adhesive is applied to various medical-grade papers. The DotCoat technology's high porosity allows for increased air/gas movement during sterilization and maintains seal integrity, even when exposed to high moisture and pressure levels encountered in EtO sterilization. Preformed pouches are available for radiation and autoclave sterilization. Oliver Products Co., Grand Rapids, MI; 800/253-3893;

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