BLISTERS: Ilsemann Begins U.S. Blister Unit Sales

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Heino Ilsemann GmbH (Bremen, Germany) is promoting its line of blister machines in the United States supported by a sales and service office in Sharon, PA. A blister machine demonstration room was recently added at this facility. With successful installations in Europe and Latin America, Heino Ilsemann has shipped its first integrated line in the United States, consisting of a blister machine synchronized with a cartoner, says Vince Donaghy, national account manager, pharmaceuticals, for the United States.

Donaghy says Ilsemann’s BMP blister machines feature product changeover times of 35–40 minutes, toolless part changes, and favorable pricing.
The BMP 100 runs PVC and PVDC, with a 250-blister-per-minute output. BMP Models 200, 300, and 400 run all common films and foils. The BMP 300 packages solid-dose products at 700 blisters a minute. The BMP 400 is dedicated to syringes, ampules, and vial packaging.




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