Blister Films Accommodate Security Features

Optical strips integrated into Perlen Converting’s Perlalux blister films resist tampering and make hologram security features more visible to the consumer.

Perlen Converting (Kennett Square, PA) has introduced an optical strip integrated into its Perlalux PVC and PVdC blister films that provides an alternative to security devices built into blister foil lidding.

The hologram strips in the Perlalux Identity solution are located between blister cavities without changing packaging characteristics. They resist tampering because they are situated between the cavities, where they are hard to manipulate, and are lacquer coated. “You immediately damage the optical strip if you try to rub it off,” says Fredy Brunner, director of sales, North America.

By featuring the optical strip in the film, the solution makes the security device more visible to the consumer opening the package.

“The hologram strip becomes an easily recognized promotional tool. The strip is close to the product, where the consumer can see it. A company can incorporate its logo for additional branding impact,” Brunner says.

Brunner says two pharmaceutical companies have adopted the device since its 2006 introduction.

The strips can feature combinations of overt, covert, and machine-readable code elements. Holograms are rendered visible by shifting the package, or laser light may be used for reading covert elements, as used for bank notes.

Because the strips are located on top of the mono film or the PVdC layer without contact with the product, new package stability testing isn’t required. Brunner says the strips do not affect film properties, and the packaging process poses no risk of heat damage and requires no modification to run the film.

Strips can be used with any Perlen PVC or PVdC-coated film. “We are highly recommending this safety identity feature with our ultra-high-barrier Starflex film that companies have used for high-value, moisture-sensitive products,” he says.

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Bilcare Inc. (Phoenixville, PA) provides the Ultra, Ultra Rx, and Patina metalized PVdC materials. The coatings impart different colors and shades to the forming web for security and branding functions. The Ultra and Ultra Rx PVdC are positioned for barrier needs between 90 g per sq meter and that of foil, says Remco van Weeren, senior vice president of Bilcare films and foils.

“These films have been very successful in India. You are creating a package that is very difficult to duplicate. The tablets remain visible. Vision systems can identify them on a packaging line,” he says.


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