Barrier Materials Add More Capabilities

Amcor has recently been awarded two distinctions for its cold-form blister packaging materials. Its Interior Tinted/Printed Formpack has received a Gold Award for Technical Innovation in The Flexible Packaging Association’s 56th Annual Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition. In addition, Amcor’s Formpack Dessiflex Plus won a Silver Award for Packaging Innovation at the 24th DuPont Awards.

An extension of Amcor’s cold-form Formpack product line, the Interior Tinted/Printed Formpack enables customers to use a tint or print trapped below the product contact surface, which eliminates the need for new stability testing typically required when a product contact layer is changed. The product can run on existing blister packaging equipment.

The tinted/printed material consists of OPA/Aluminum/tint/PVC. According to Amcor, users can package a full range of tablet colors without downtime and scrap caused by false rejections. Blister packaging line efficiency could be improved and overall costs could be reduced.

“Cold-form reflectivity normally can aid in detecting tablets,” explains Mark Morgan, product manager, pharmaceutical and personal care, for Amcor Flexibles Specialty Performance. However, “many tablet detection units have difficulty detecting certain color tablets filled in blister materials. If the tablet is not detected, the blister card is rejected. Numerous rejections can cause the blister packaging line to stop. This creates both downtime and scrap.”

According to Morgan, “tinted material eliminates this by creating a better background against which the tablet detection system can register the fill. The interior tinted/printed material allows tablets to be easily differentiated while eliminating false rejections and increasing blister packaging line efficiency.”

In addition, he explains that the interior or tinted surface of Tinted Formpack does not impact the product contact surface. This means additional stability testing may not be required, which results in faster product launches and speed to market.

Amcor’s Formpack Dessiflex Plus is a cold-form blister material that includes a desiccant in the sealant layer. This eliminates the need for a separate desiccant material and protects each blister cavity individually. According to Amcor, the new Formpack Dessiflex Plus can keep individual cavities dry, even in tropical conditions, for up to five years. In addition, the extra drying capacity allows the tablet drying process to be completed during storage in the blister. 

Amcor displayed these innovations recently at Interphex and Pharmapack North America. Another product on display was its Child-Resistant/Senior-Friendly Blister Lidding technology using Amcor Opening Feature (AOF). The registered microperforations enable push-through opening while retaining child resistance. Amcor reports that recent studies suggest an F=2 rating while retaining 100% senior use.

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