Accurate sensors & checkweighers

Devices inspect and weigh products with speed and precision.


NETT System

A company offers the NETT weight control system as part of its extensive product line of capsule-filling equipment. NETT is the only built-in system that is able to provide the net weight of every capsule produced on a high-speed capsule-filling machine. At speeds of up to 200,000 capsules per hour, it is equipped to measure the weight of 100% of all filled capsules, automatically eliminating any capsules with weights either over or under the set production values. Compatible with the company’s production-speed capsule fillers, NETT is designed to handle all in-process data collection and analysis, including quantity and frequency distribution of acceptable and out-of-tolerance capsules. It also provides an analysis of individual dosator performance. MG America, Fairfield, NJ; 973/808-8185;

Inductive Sensors

Two compact 4- and 5-mm inductive proximity sensors are designed for use with the company’s new ultraminiature connectors. The sensor and connector combination is suitable for tight mounting applications. Both CE and UL approved, the sensors feature a supply voltage range of 10–30 V dc, a sensing distance of 1 mm, load current of 100 mA, and a bright and visible two-point output state LED indicator. The inductive proximity switches incorporate the latest ASIC and flip-chip technology and are equipped with fully integrated short-circuit and reverse polarity protection. Baumer Electric, Southington, CT; 800/937-9336;


A powered weight table is designed specifically for pouches and other flexible packages that are unsupported, irregularly shaped, or otherwise difficult to handle. The PW-12 balances its weight table belt, pulleys, and gearhead drive motor, thus ensuring accurate weighing of up to 200 packs per minute. The checkweighers integrate easily with existing filling lines and can accommodate flexible or rigid packages up to 8 lb and in sizes up to 14 ¥ 8 in. A number of configurations are available to meet varied user requirements, including a choice of reject mechanisms for out-of-spec packages. Controlled handling via optional infeed and outfeed conveyors properly spaces packages to facilitate accurate weighing. Alpha Checkweighers, a div. of All-Fill Inc., Exton, PA; 866/ALL-FILL;

Temperature Sensors

A new series of bolt-on temperature sensors are rugged, easy to install and remove, and designed for a wide range of applications. Their small size allows mounting in limited space, and the rugged lead-wire connections prevent damage during handling, installation, and operation. The designs include four models with through holes and two models with threaded bolt designs. They can be used for monitoring equipment in place, testing thermal characteristics of new designs, or adding thermal monitoring to an existing production machine. Platinum and nickel RTD elements are available to match existing instruments with temperature ranges up to 550°C. Minco Products Inc., Minneapolis, 763/571-3121;


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