Protecting Pharmaceuticals

A new airless tube greatly limits air ingress.

At Interphex 2014, Clariant Healthcare Packaging showcased a new tube resulting from a collaboration with Pumpart System called Tubairless. Developed to protect sensitive pharmaceutical cream-based formulas, the tube features airless dispensing capabilities.

“The industry is interested in improving the passive barrier of packaging,” says Mark Florez, marketing & communications manager, Clariant Healthcare Packaging. Many medicated creams, ointments, gels, and pastes are susceptible to moisture gain or loss as well as certain types of contamination, according to a statement from Clariant.

Tubairless consists of an air chamber and a soft plastic pouch sealed within a flexible tube. “The mechanical functionality of the tube limits flow back and greatly limits the amount of air ingress into the tube,” Florez says. Further protection can be achieved with multiple protective barriers or active layers built into the package.

Tubairless allows nearly 95% product evacuation from the tube.  

Brand owners may find Tubairless cost effective when compared with other systems. For instance, the tube consists of only three parts compared with up to 20 in a piston pump system. In addition, Tubairless uses 25–50 percent less plastic than conventional airless tube pumps do, Clariant added. Studies have found that users appreciate the dispensing control afforded by the tube, which dispenses doses without unexpected release or splashing, Clariant stated.

“The Tubairless design appeals to both healthcare providers and patients,” stated Elisa Le Floch, Pharm.D., Clariant Healthcare Packaging business development manager. “It not only can help address preservation issues as formulators look for ways to reduce or eliminate preservatives from formulations, but also can improve patient compliance with a user friendly experience.”

Nearly complete product evacuation is possible—at least 95 percent.

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By Daphne Allen
Editor, Tube News

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