Smooth Approach to Hair Care

Stock tubes with metallic effects are employed to convey silky smooth, shiny hair.

Tubes are being utilized to package hair care products in a new line from Superdrug, a major force in Britain’s health and beauty aids marketplace.

Superdrug’s Style Expertise consists of professional hair styling products especially designed to deliver results that help hair stand out from the crowd, it was reported in a press release issued by M&H Plastics, which worked with Superdrug.
M&H Plastics also collaborated with Superdrug’s contract filler Mibelle to produce a range of products featuring metallic-effect packaging. This effect is intended to “convey the end benefit: silky smooth, shiny hair,” M&H reports.

The packages feature a bright turquoise color with natural colored closures for a contemporary look, M&H explains. “The point of difference is that the products were manufactured in a rich metallic-looking effect, which gives them an upmarket premium image,” Vicki John, Marketing Manager, told Tube News. “This is achieved in the masterbatch.”

The Style Expertise collection features:

•100-ml Salt Infusion Surf Spray.
• 200-ml Sculpted Gel Spray.
• 300-ml Protecting Heat Styling Spray.
• 150-ml Straight Cream.
• 150-ml Curl Cream.

M&H put its standard portfolio of products to work for the hair care family. Joining HDPE Boston Round bottles are two 35-mm-diameter polyethylene tubes.

“There are no barrier materials used,” John told Tube News. “The bottles are HDPE and the tubes polyethylene and these do not require barriers for hair styling products.”

M&H printed the packages in-house, including silver foil blocking of the Superdrug logo, the company reports.
“The products were all silk screen printed,” adds John.

The tubes feature matt flip-top caps in natural tones, explains John.

In addition, Heather West, customer service manager at M&H, said in a statement: “It’s been a pleasure working with Mibelle on this exciting new launch. Together we have selected products from our extensive range and helped turn them into irresistible must-have products at cost effective prices!”

M&H offers more than 1200 standard products, including bottles, jars, flexible tubes, and closures for many end users including personal care, pharmaceutical, healthcare and nutrition. The company also offers a full custom molding service for exclusive design. Almost all services are conducted in-house, on site, from concept design through tool-making, production, artwork, and decoration.

M&H strives to more than 100 new standards being released each year.

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