Efficiency: By the People, for the People

Commitment from every discipline—including packaging departments—is crucial for progress.

By John Bitner, President, Bitner Associates

Effect is defined as the power to bring about a result. Each and every element must be investigated and evaluated for concept validity and completeness relative to a given objective. The main problem lies in the fact that not every discipline is involved during the consideration for expectation. How can that absent discipline then be held culpable for accomplishing something in which they have had no input?

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Achieving Liquid Process Quality with Aseptic BFS Technology

Blow-fill-seal technology provides high sterility, improves flexibility in container design, and increases process uptime.

By Chuck Reed, BSc/MS
Director, Sales and Marketing, Weiler Engineering Inc.

Blow-fill-seal (BFS) aseptic processing has established itself as a highly efficient and safe system to fill and package sterile pharmaceutical liquids and other healthcare products, such as creams and ointments.

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Strategic Outsourcing

Realize the potential of outsourcing in pharmaceutical packaging

Customer Feedback about Boston Scientific's Medical Device Packaging Changes


  • High marks for usability.
  • The packages are thought to include the essential pieces of information. Responses included:

“They are uncluttered and have the basic information we want.”
“You can see all the information in one overview.”
“In a prominent and visible location.”
“It is easy to identify the size as it jumps right out at you.”
“The name is big and bold so you can see it from far away.”

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Choose Paperboard Packaging and Breathe Easy

Renew your packages with paperboard content.

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Empirical Evidence

Or: Every good packaging feasibility test I needed to know, I learned in kindergarten.

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\Viewpoint: Branding through Packaging: An Analysis of Counterfeiting and Patient Compliance

Drug companies are challenged to maintain and create powerful brands that inspire, inform, and protect patients.

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Why (and How) We Should Nourish OTC Packaging Innovation

Education is the key to fostering the development of more competitive, strongly branded over-the-counter packaging.

By James W. Peters, CPP
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New Drug Applications Demand Intelligent Sorbents

Novel formulations and drug-delivery systems require optimized packaging protection.

By Adrian Possumato, Global Manager, Pharmaceutical Market, Multisorb Technologies