Flexibility Positions Brands for a Better 2010

Consumer products manufacturers looking to reduce ordering inventory are met with support and creative suggestions for maximizing investments in packaging design.

Last year was such a tough one economically, no one seemed embarrassed to admit it. Downsizing took place in almost every industry and region.

The personal care and cosmetics product industry was no different. “Our industry, like so many others, continued to struggle with the ramifications of an economic downturn, and many of our members experienced flat sales at best,” wrote Lezlee Westine, president of the Personal Care Products Council (, to her membership in December.

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When Brilliance Matters

Tube manufacturer Plastube has invested in material and printing innovations to make your tubes stand out.

by Michel Lepage, Operations Manager

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BD Diagnostics Launches Microtainer MAP tube

BD Diagnostics’ (Franklin Lakes, NJ) newly launched Microtube for Automated Process (MAP) improves safety, accuracy, and turnaround time of capillary blood collection and testing in patients with fragile veins. The BD Microtainer MAP tube is the first microtube to be fully compatible with most automated hematology instruments, reducing turnaround time and costs associated with sample transfer and relabeling.


Convenience Package

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American Health Packaging

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Tube Preferences Play Out in Marketplace

A letter from the president of The Tube Council for the September 2009 issue of Tube News

Of all the different sorts of plastic containers, squeeze tubes will gain market share the fastest, predicts market researcher The Freedonia Group (Cleveland). Why such an incredible performance?

It must be the squeeze factor. Consumers seem to love the interaction with the tube package. Through squeezing, they can control dispensing. Why do you think that no other container format has made such strong inroads into the toothpaste market, to mention only one example?

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New Tube Products

As published in the September 2009 issue of Tube News

Earth-Friendly Tube

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Three Companies in One

Turnkey solutions for customers are available through a corporate alliance.

A third company is now part of a supply agreement. The Filling Station and Qualis Packaging (both of Flemington, NJ) joined forces last April to supply small container filling and tube filling, among other services. The new partnership offers a combined 15 years of experience to customers.

Now, Le Papillon Ltd. (New Brunswick, NJ) is aboard, further strengthening customer offerings and adding another 35 years of experience to the team.

The agreement was formalized in 2008, when Qualis became a subsidiary of Le Papillon.

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Printing Helps Tube Make Its Mark in Awards

Alcan Packaging Beauty has won an award from the European Tube Manufacturers Association. The supplier of tube, fragrance, and cosmetics packaging received the Best Laminate Tube 2009 distinction for its production of Bye-Bye Spot, Nivea’s latest addition to its Visage Young line.

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Dispensing with the Details

The dispensing options for tubes are increasing. While product formulations often dictate head selection, audience preferences, too, play roles. Product viscosity determines what heads can be used, but the decision also depends upon the desired amount of product to be dispensed at one time, explains Lou Della Pesca, president of 3C Inc. (Wyckoff, NJ).

For instance, while eye care products and body lotions have similar viscosities, consumers have different dispensing preferences.

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