Shining the Spotlight on Squeeze Tubes

Today, innovation steals the show.

The market is global and it is huge, with literally billions of tubes shipped to customers in sizes from 13 mm diam up to 2.5 in. In every supplier’s facility, innovations are the rule. All squeeze tube products are benefiting from new material formulations and decoration capabilities both on the plastic and laminate side.

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Tubes Diverted from Trash

Consumer collection efforts drive recycling along with product efficacy.

Neosporin brand has partnered with waste converter TerraCycle to recycle expired antibiotic tubes. On Earth Day, the two companies encouraged consumers to begin collecting these tubes and recycle them by joining one of TerraCycle’s 1000 Neosporin Tube Brigades. These groups collect used packages and send them to TerraCycle for converting into innovative products.

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Raising Eyebrows with Tubes

An upscale antiaging skin care products line relies on customized tubes to carry on its brand image.

RE9 Advanced from Arbonne International LLC (Irvine, CA) offers skincare products intended to fight the effects of aging. “The RE9 Advanced breakthrough approach addresses skin health by pairing targeted topical treatments with an age-defying supplement that accelerates results twice as fast,” explains Arbonne on its Web site. The diverse product line includes cleansers, toner, creams, and more, making up 12 SKUs.

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Product Resource Center: Tubes

Polyfoil Dropper Tube

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WS Packaging Group Awarded Patent for Extended Text Label

The U.S. Patent Office has awarded a patent to WS Packaging Group Inc. (Green Bay, WI) for its FlexWrap extended text label, which is part of its MultiVision line of extended text labels. FlexWrap labels are suitable for a range of applications, including fully conformable squeeze tubes, glass vaccine vials, and any small-diameter structure such as barrel containers for lip balms or brushes. The label materials are completely water-resistant.

Tube News: New Products

Barrier Tube Film

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An Improving Economy?

Reflect upon the numerous examples of the efforts your tube suppliers make to present you with every opportunity to package and display your products.

There can be no doubt that we have lived through an extraordinary period of economic instability over the last twelve or so months. Tube Council members, like almost everybody else, have seen the business impacts. This has not been an enjoyable experience. Volumes have been down, profitability has suffered, capacity has been shelved, and people have been put out of work.

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Getting Closure

Caps and closures for tubes are making their own advances for the proper finish.

To be able to ease product dispensing, use, and storage, tubes depend on their caps and closures. Gone are the days of the simple screw-on cap. If you want your products to stand out on the shelf (and in the shower) or you want to control dosing, you’ve got to consider finishing off your tube with the right closure.

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Tube Manufacturing in Mexico

Alcan Packaging Beauty is leveraging its tube manufacturing facility capacity in Mexico to address the fast growing local market.
One of the fundamental axes of Alcan Packaging Beauty’s strategy is the development and the optimization of its global footprint as a key lever to better respond to the worldwide market demand.

In the Americas, its Mexico platform, with a facility located in Reynosa dedicated to plastic tubes manufacturing, has been supporting the U.S. market sales for several years now.

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Filling Competitive Requests

Are there minimums for contract tube filler (and more) American Blending & Filling? Not really, but the growing company echoes tube makers by reporting that smaller runs are definitely more expensive.

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