Transportation Packaging

Pallet Shipper Uses Active Heating

FedEx tested the AcuTemp RKN in a 15-day shipment traveling to Asia, and the cargo bin temperature fluctuated within one degree.

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Transport Containers Go the Distance

New passive and active shippers promise steady temperatures for long hauls.

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Temperature-Controlled Sentry Services

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Forecast for the Cold Chain

As packagers focus on cold-chain compliance, new shippers support temperature uniformity and duration.

By David Vaczek
Senior Editor


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Tracking Packages with RFID

Intelleflex will incorporate temperature monitoring into its InfoSure tags in a cold-chain monitoring solution to be launched later this year. “We are working with application software providers and system integrators to bring a full cold-chain solution to the market,” says Richard Bravman, chairman and CEO. Bravman described the company’s solution at the Truth In Technologies forum at Stony Brook University (Long Island, NY) in October, sponsored by AIDC 100 (Automatic Identification Data Capture).

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Keeping Watch

Monitors along the cold chain could alert users to any harmful excursions.


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Can Transportation Packaging Really Be Validated?