Transportation Packaging

Temperature-Monitor Positioning within Active and Passive Insulated Packouts

When determining sensor placement, consider product proximity as well as worst-case locations.

Optimal placement of temperature monitors within product shipping containers that will most accurately document temperature variation during transit is important to maintaining temperature control for heat-labile pharmaceuticals and biologicals. The operating principles discussed apply to all sizes of insulated, noninsulated, active, and passive shipping containers used to protect product for the duration of transit.

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Amgen Develops Reusable Shipper For Frozen Payload

Faced with the need to transport large quantities of a deep frozen drug substance, Amgen Cold Chain Engineering (Thousand Oaks, CA) developed a custom insulated shipping system working with Entropy Solutions (Minneapolis).

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Direct Shipping

Cost control is a major impetus behind the trend among larger pharma firms to employ direct shipment as a distribution channel strategy, says John Menna, marketing director of healthcare logistics, UPS.

UPS’s 2009 Pain in the Healthcare Supply Chain survey found that more than 50% of firms with revenue of more than $1 billion are planning direct shipment to customers as a strategy, compared with 39% percent in the previous year’s study.

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The Four Hazards of Distribution

Shock, vibration, compression, and atmospheric conditions threaten your package. Here�s what to do about them.

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Reusing Thermal Packaging

Shipper and component reuse supports cost control and sustainability.

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AcuTemp Offers Line of Prequalified Boxes

AcuTemp Thermal Systems (Dayton, OH) has added a line of five passive AcuTemp boxes. Qualified to ISTA’s 7D test protocol, the units reduce cost through reduced box size and weight, and are fully recyclable, says Todd DeVore, director of product development and quality, AcuTemp Thermal Systems.

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Sealed Air Extends Line of RF-Based Data Loggers

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Tracking Cold- Chain Quality

Pharma firms focus on logistics, as new shipper solutions extend cargo protection.

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Data Logger's PDF Reports Save Time