Transportation Packaging

Extending Import Safety

Transporting pharmaceuticals and their packaging components is undoubtedly a hot topic for the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association’s (NWPCA). On its Web site (, NWPCA reports that it has been fielding inquiries from pallet users concerned about the recent recall by McNeil Consumer Healthcare. The recall involved complaints of a moldy or mildewy smell; McNeil reportedly believes the smell was caused by the chemical 2,4,6 Tribromoanisole (TBA), a known degradant of 2,4,6 Tribromophenol (TBP) used in pallets that housed packaging supplies.

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Seeing More Green with a Greener Solution

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturers can save money on cold-chain transport through reusable solutions.

The current economic challenges have caused dramatic budget impacts, and nearly every industry and organization has felt the pressure of the current crisis. As operating costs continue to rise, budgets continue to shrink. Whether it is in highly critical research and development or in ongoing marketing and delivery, the impact has been felt and the future looks to be quite austere.

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Minnesota Thermal Science Partners With SCA Cool Logistics

Minnesota Thermal Science (MTS) (Minneapolis) has announced a strategic partnership with SCA Cool Logistics (Cool Logistics). The partnership will allow MTS and Cool Logistics to expand their operations globally, as well as to offer a complete range of products to all clients.

Minnesota Thermal Science Up-Sizes To Pallet Shipper

Minnesota Thermal Science (Minneapolis) has expanded its Credo line of thermal shipping containers with the launch of the Credo XTREME pallet shipper.

Stowing Large Loads

New solutions for pallet-sized cargo target costs and risk.

Innovative designs and systems for handling pallet-sized loads of temperature-sensitive cargo have emerged with regularity in recent years, catering in large part to growth in global shipments of pharmaceutical ingredients and products.

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Schering-Plough Upgrades Clinical Trial Distribution

With a new approach using Credo shippers and Elpro data loggers, a company reduces excursion rates and costs.

After completing an assessment of shipping technologies and supply chain practices, Schering-Plough (S-P) has adopted new container and data-monitoring solutions for clinical supply distribution.

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DOT Proposes New Rules on Lithium Batteries

Only very small cells are exempt from Class 9 Hazardous Status in air transport.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) has proposed new regulations for air shipments of lithium batteries that would designate small lithium batteries and cells as Class 9 materials to be handled as potentially hazardous.

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Arriving at Appropriate Climatic Conditions

ASTM International is developing a climatic stressing guideline that will subject medical device packages to common distribution stresses.

Ensuring that sterile barrier systems (SBS) charged with protecting medical devices can withstand climatic stress is an important part of medical device package development. But concerns that current testing may be too rigorous has prompted ASTM International Committee F02 to development a Standard Practice for Climatic Stressing of Packaging Systems. The goal is to develop a guideline that reflects the distribution environments commonly used by medical device manufacturers.

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Cool Chain Awards Bestowed In Amsterdam

Sensitech and Entropy Solutions were among companies cited with excellence awards at the IQPC pharmaIQ Cool Chain Europe 2010 conference in Amsterdam.

EnviroCooler Unveils Four New Parcel Load Solutions

EnviroCooler (Huntington Beach, Ca) has launched its Ice-Locker ExPrS cooler solutions for short-lane and domestic transportation of temperature-sensitive biologics. The Ice-Locker ExPrS portfolio includes four sizes of parcel-load cooler solutions.

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