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Independent Lab Accredited for ISTA’s New Standard Certification

gh Package/Product Testing and Consulting Inc. reported in January that it was the first independent laboratory to be authorized by the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) to test and certify temperature-controlled insulated shipping containers for overnight and two-day shipment.

Minnesota Thermal Science Announces Partnership with ATS Healthcare

Minnesota Thermal Science (Plymouth, MN) is partnering with the temperature controlled healthcare transportation provider ATS Healthcare, which will allow each company to offer local support and service and as expand global client relationships.

Surviving the Pandemic

Novartis looks back a year, recounting its filling and packaging scale up and navigation of the global cold chain.

When the World Health Organization declared the H1N1 pandemic in June 2009, Novartis was already busy preparing seasonal influenza vaccines for the 2009–2010 season. “We typically prepare 70–80 million doses for a typical season,” explains Matt Stober of Novartis Technical Operations. “We had to ramp up quickly to be able to provide an additional 150 million doses of H1N1.” In total, Novartis produced over 200 million influenza vaccines.

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Predicting ISC Compliance with Confidence: The 7E Converter

ISTA will formally release the first global method for standardizing the establishment of insulating shipper container (ISC) performance, Standard 20, on September 21st. The standard aims to remove the subjectivity and interpretation of guidelines from the method by which ISCs have been tested historically.

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Join USP to Tackle Supply Chain Threats, Extractables and Leachables

In its next cycle, the Packaging, Storage, and Distribution Expert Committee of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) will be addressing some of the challenges the pharmaceutical industry is facing in terms of supply-chain management, testing for extractables and leachables, and testing of glass, plastic, and metal container closure systems. The 2010–2015 committee will be led by chair Mary Foster, Pharm.D., vice president of quality for Catalent Pharma Solutions.

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European Aviation Safety Agency Awards Envirotainer with Certificate

Envirotainer reports that the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has awarded it with the airworthiness certificate for Envirotainer’s newest development, the RAP e2 container. The Envirotainer RAP e2 container is an active temperature-controlled container featuring electrical heating and compressor cooling to maintain temperature control in tough environments.

Envirotainer first introduced electrical heating and compressor cooling container, the RKN e1, to the market in 2005.

ISTA Releases Standard 20

Standards developer calls the new document the first global standard for establishing performance of insulated shipping containers (ISC).

With Article Contributors:

Ed Church, President, ISTA
Karen Greene, ISTA Certified Auditor, Life Packaging Technology
Jim Cox, ISTA Certified Auditor, MJ Enterprises Inc.

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Molded EPS Containers Feature Expanded Benefits

The popular material deserves a second look when it comes to environmental issues.

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is often a preferred material for thermal containers. A cost-effective insulating material, EPS also  features high performance in shock absorption and compression resistance.

From an environmental standpoint, it is often saddled with a bad rap as an inert material that doesn’t degrade in landfills, according to speakers at a panel presentation on green transportation packaging at Interphex.

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ThermoSafe Brands Acquires GreenBox

ThermoSafe Brands has added GreenBox to its family of temperature-controlled transportation packaging. Tegrant Corp. President & CEO Ronald Leach and ThermoSafe Brands’ President Colleen Bohn announced the acquisition of GreenBox from Entropy Solutions Inc. in a press release. In addition to the acquisition, the companies have forged an exclusive worldwide license agreement for PureTemp phase-change materials in the life sciences market and an on-going technology development agreement between ThermoSafe Brands and Entropy Solutions Inc.

Cathay Pacific Signs Lease to Use CSafe's AcuTemp RKN

CSafe LLC (Dayton, OH) and Cathay Pacific have signed a master lease agreement enabling the airlines to use CSafe’s active temperature-controlled containers. CSafe manufactures the AcuTemp RKN active temperature-controlled cargo container, which has been approved by the FAA and EASA for shipping products with temperature requirements between +4 degrees C to +25 degrees C.

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