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Sharp Packaging Services Announces Sustainable and Temperature Controlled Credo Cube

Sharp Packaging Services, a global contract packaging and clinical packaging solutions company for the life sciences industry and a division of UDG Healthcare, is now offering the multi-use Credo Cube packaging solution to clients requiring temperature controlled shipments. The company claims the packaging system is smaller and lighter than traditional polystyrene and gel pack systems as well as being 100 percent recyclable.

Sofrigam Releases Latest Pouch for Insulated Medicine Transport

Refrigerated pharmaceutical packaging provider Sofrigam announced the launch of its IGLOO kit, an insulated pouch intended to be used by patients. 

The cooling pouch is designed for storing medicines that have to be maintained at temperatures between 36 degrees and 46 degrees Fahrenheit when collected from the pharmacy and taken to the patient’s home. The duration of protection during transit is for up to one hour, according to Sofrigam.

ZIM Transportation Monitoring Service Addresses Essentials of Refrigerated Cargo

ZIM Integrated Shipping Services announced its real-time cold chain transportation monitoring service ZiMonitor, aimed to give pharmaceutical companies and other transport essential industries a peace of mind.

Where's the Pain in Your Supply Chain?

When it comes to the supply chain, healthcare industry executives continue to be concerned about regulatory compliance, cost, and product security, report respondents to the 7th annual UPS "Pain in the (Supply) Chain" (PITC) survey. More than 530 executives in the United States, Canada, Western Europe, Asia, and Latin America were interviewed during the blind phone survey conducted by TNS, on behalf of UPS, between January and March 2014.

Pelican BioThermal LLC Highlighted as New Division at IQPC's Cold Chain Event

At IQPC’s 2014 cold-chain event in Boston, Pelican BioThermal LLC showcased new technology and its new name unifying the two companies acquired by Pelican Products, Minnesota Thermal Science (MTS) and Cool Logistics.

American Airlines Cargo Constructing a Pharma Facility in Philadelphia

American Airlines Cargo is building a new 25,000-sq-ft facility that will be dedicted to pharmaceutical handling in Philadelphia, PA. The new location will be able to handle a full range of temperature-sensitive products being shipped in and out of the Northeast pharmaceutical corridor of the United States, it was reported in a news release.

Do You Know Where Your Medical Device Is?

At this very moment, there’s likely billions of dollars of medical device inventory in the supply chain that has left manufacturer facilities, yet hasn’t been paid for yet. “About 70% of orthopedic devices, for instance, are out of manufacturer control and on consignment in hospital inventory closets or distributor warehouses or in field sales representative custody,” explains John Menna, UPS vice president, global healthcare strategy.

Pharma Shipper Provider Advocates Recycling instead of EPS Bans

Multiple cities in California and around the United States have already banned expanded polystyrene (EPS) food containers, and some are now eyeing EPS packaging materials. Our sister publication Packaging Digest, for instance, published a detailed account of such efforts in “A few states set the stage for the future of EPS at retail” by Lauren Melucci, a project manager at Environmental Packaging International (EPI).

Freight Glove Designated Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology

Freight Glove, a reusable, tamper-evident covering that can be used for air- and water-tight pharmaceutical shipments, has been designated as ‘Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology’ under the Department of Homeland Security’s Safety Act, reports manufacturer Sentina Corp. 

EPS Recycling Climbs

A report on expanded polystyrene recycling shows an increase in overall recycling, but notes differences when comparing the amounts of postconsumer and postindustrial pounds recycled. According to a press release issued by ACH Foam Technologies, the EPS Industry Alliance’s 2012 bi-annual recycling report shows a modest decrease in the number of post-consumer pounds recycled and a substantial increase in the number of post-industrial pounds recycled based on data received from fifty-one EPS manufacturers and independent recyclers in the United States.

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