Track and Trace

Cognex Offers Ready-to-Deploy Pharma Track & Trace Solution

Cognex Corporation (Natick, MA) has announced In-Sight Track & Trace, an add-on software package for Cognex In-Sight vision systems that delivers a ready-to-deploy data capture and verification solution designed to help pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers achieve unit-level product traceability.

Consortium Reports Successful Drug Tracking and Authenticating Pilot

SecureTrace reports that pilot runs of an electronic drug tracking and authentication program have been successfully completed. SecureTrace is a consortium of 10 companies in the United Kingdom that are using technology to fight counterfeiting and diversion of pharmaceuticals throughout the supply chain.

New ISO Standard for RFID Tagging

A new ISO standard, ISO 17367:2009, is intended to help manufacturers and distributors track products throughout the supply chain using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. The document outlines standardized features for RFID tags. 

Wyeth Reduces Costs through Industrial Vending

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals's adoption of industrial vending in just two of the company’s production facilities is reportedly saving the company hundreds of thousands of dollars. This vending machine dispenses everything from personal protection equipment to mission-critical changeover and replacement machine parts. The results include decreased downtime, lower labor costs, increased production, and increased inventory control and management.

Pharmorx Security changes name to Covectra

Pharmorx Security’s (Southborough, MA) name change to Covectra is part of a larger mission to address new and existing clients’ requirements for secure and comprehensive brand protection solutions. By combining covert and overt security features printed on products and packaging materials with the AuthentiTrack software platform, Covectra provides a complete portfolio of products and services to protect and enhance a product brand.

Track and Trace in 2009: How Far Have We Come?

Better to begin now when you have time to learn and test, rather than when faced with a legislative deadline.

Editor's Note: While preparing January PMP News's Track and Trace column for the 5th year in a row, Nosco's Gregg Metcalf realized that the pharmaceutical industry has come full circle. His first few articles focused on anticounterfeiting, and then he shifted to track-and-trace and e-pedigree as retailers and legislators did. Given worldwide increases in counterfeiting, today's focus is again on anticounterfeiting along with serialization without pedigree. Read on for a quick recap of past events and for ideas on building your product-protection strategies for 2010.

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Automating Security

Two sister companies, one with experience in information technology and another with a history of providing pharmaceutical packaging inspection and security solutions, team up to bring efficiency to item-level serialization.

Coesia Group, controlling a multinational portfolio of automated machinery businesses in different industries, has combined the expertise of two of its sister companies, G.D and Laetus, to develop C-TTS, a track and trace solution for pharmaceutical packaging applications. With G.D’s knowledge of complex IT solutions in packaging machines and Laetus’ experience in packaging security solutions in the pharmaceutical sector, a competent team was established.

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Simons Security Systems Unveils Legally Binding Counterfeit Protection

Color-code protection provides traceability of packaging and products.
By Milos Blagojevic

Simons Security Systems GmbH (Nottuln, Germany) recently released a new industry solution for legally binding product security and traceability of packaging. The Secupack system, through the combination of track and trace features, provides the traceability of packaging and products throughout the entire production and delivery process.

“Many anticounterfeit systems are on the market,” said Angelina Rayak, Sales Manager for anti-counterfeiting technologies at Simons Security Systems.

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Companies Team Up to Introduce Brand Protection Technology

Two firms combine technologies to enhance product identification.

By Milos Blagojevic

As the old adage goes, two heads are better than one, and the world of brand protection and authentication is no exception.

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Optel Vision Expands Product Line

By adding a printing component, a company completes a track-and-trace suite.

By Anastasia Thrift

Inspection equipment company Optel Vision (Quebec City, QC, Canada) recently added a printing line to complete a track-and-trace suite for pharmaceutical and medical packaging. Calling it their Capture and Control (C&C) system, Optel works with pharma packagers to create serialization solutions that will secure lines via linear, 2-D, or Data Matrix bar codes.

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