Track and Trace

Authentication throughout the Supply Chain

California’s State Board of Pharmacy (CA BoP) met this week to begin preparing for implementation of the state’s electronic pedigree requirements. CA BoP hosted Connie T. Jung, FDA’s acting associate director for policy and communications in the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, who explained FDA's goals for a track and trace system. While CA BoP nor FDA did not issue any new policies or make any new decisions, the meeting revealed how closely these two are working together.

Combating Counterfeits

The pharma industry is working toward establishing the ideal anticounterfeiting system, combining authentication tools and track-and-trace capabilities to serialize at the unit level, for every drug.

By Marie Redding
Freelance Writer

It’s increasingly difficult—even for the experts—to tell the difference between a counterfeit drug and the real thing. Consumers feel they have no sure way of knowing if they’re getting duped. They may even ingest a harmful ingredient a counterfeiter has used to make a fake pill—like highway paint, floor wax, and boric acid—according to a CBS news report.

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New Virtual Conference Focused on Track & Trace Solutions for the Pharma Sector

Now in our archives is our exclusive virtual conference event that examines one of the key issues facing the Pharma and BioPharma supply chain, counterfeit drugs. Titled ‘Pharmaceutical Track & Trace and Authentication: The Fight against Fake Drugs’, the event is presented by UBM brands Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News, Tracking & Tracing Pharmaceutical Products, InnoPack, and Pharmapack in association with CPhI Conferences. The online format features two supplier webinars, two “exhibition halls” and a lineup of featured speakers.

Pharmaceutical Maker Upgrades Software at Distribution Center in Turkey

ROC IT Solutions reports that a major pharmaceutical manufacturer has upgraded its implementation of ROC IT Solutions technology for track and trace in Turkey. The company's distribution center in Turkey first deployed ROC IT Solutions software in 2009 to meet the Turkish Ministry of Health (MoH) directive for item-level serialization and upgraded after its parent company began using a newer version of ROC IT solutions in the United States.

FDA’s Recent Workshop

On Feb 15-16, FDA held a public workshop, “Determination of System Attributes for the Tracking and Tracing of Prescription Drugs,” which was attended by manufacturers, distributors, pharmacy representatives, government groups, and suppliers of software and technology.  

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EU Moves toward Pan-European Law

Directive takes aim at “falsified” medicines, distinguishing them from “counterfeit.”

In February 2011, the European Parliament adopted the “Falsified Medicines Directive.” The legislation is intended to protect EU citizens from falsified medicines, which are defined as products that “may contain ingredients in the wrong dosage or no active ingredients at all.” A distinction is made between “falsified medicines” and “counterfeit medicines,” which are defined as “medicines that do not comply with EU law on intellectual and industrial property rights, such as registered trademarks or patent rights.” According to a mem

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Tech Beats Security Breach

There is a growing need for creative out-of-the-box technologies that prevent a rift in patient safety while keeping a company’s investments and reputation in good standing. Counterfeiting, diversion, the resale of expired products, and complexities within the supply chain are forcing the healthcare industry to seek ahead-of-the-curve security packaging.

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Nitroglycerin Transdermal Delivery System Features Key Packaging Features

The generic pharmaceutical company Alvogen Inc. (Parsippany, N.J.) introduces the AB-1 rated Nitroglycerin Transdermal Delivery System, which is available in patient-ready, 30-count cartons and includes several key packaging features designed to improve care. Some of these features are RSS barcoding on each individual unit; the smallest available patch sizes of any generic nitroglycerin system; and hypoallergenic, transparent patches.

Covectra Offers Serialization Gateway for Contract Service Providers

Covectra announces a new offering for Contract Service Providers (CSP) working in the pharmaceutical space. The company’s new CSP Serialization Gateway solution allows CSPs to simplify serialization and event data exchange between CSP sites and multiple brand owners. The turnkey solution offers CSPs the opportunity to serialize selective products for customers who may not already have a mass serialization program in place.

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