Biopolymers Hold Potential

Like forward-thinking medical device manufacturers these days, Edwards Lifesciences has launched an internal initiative to lessen its impact on the environment. As a result, Project Green, the company’s effort, has its packaging leader exploring biopolymers. Don Krebs, CPP, senior packaging engineer, global packaging operations, will be presenting “Challenges of Implementing Biopolymer Packaging Material in the Medical Device Industry” at the upcoming Medical Design & Manufacturing West 2010 in Anaheim, CA, held February 8-11.

Sustainable Packaging Coalition Releases Metrics to Help Companies Track Sustainability Progress

To help companies measure progress in packaging sustainability as defined by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC; Charlottesville, VA), the SPC has publicly released its Sustainable Packaging Indicators and Metrics Framework Version 1.0. The Metrics Framework provides a wide-ranging palette of indicators and metrics that are organized into eight categories related to material use, energy use, water use, material health, clean production and transport, cost and performance, community impact and worker impact.

Baxter Extends Sustainability Efforts to Suppliers, Employees, Communities

Baxter International Inc. is deepening its commitment to address global sustainability while supporting its corporate responsibility to the communities in which it operates.

State of Sustainability

By Dr. Gerald Rebitzer, Director Product Sustainability, Alcan Packaging
and Nina Goodrich, Director Sustainnovation, Alcan Packaging

Sustainability and its implementation in industrial practice have been on the rise throughout recent years. Sustainability events are well attended as companies show a willingness to learn what it entails. The first step is often a commitment to screen new projects, capital investments, or research activities using social and environmental aspects in addition to the traditional financial ones.

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Shorewood Packaging Offers Renewable Coating

Shorewood Packaging (New York) has launched TerraGreen which it says is the first water-based coating made from renewable resources. Developed by Shorewood strategic supplier ACTEGA Terra GmbH of Germany, TerraGreen is free of solvents and petrochemicals, allowing paper board packaging that uses the coating to be processed in a municipal recycling program. 

Being Green in Healthcare a Multilayered Approach

When it comes to packaging, being green isn’t always what consumers always expect. The ubiquitous recycling symbol, for instance, has become the visual indicator of whether or not a product is environmentally friendly. But in pharmaceutical and medical device packaging, recyclability may not always be possible—or even preferable.

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Paperboard Packaging Seminar held at Clemson University

Twelve packaging industry participants attended a comprehensive 2-day Paperboard Packaging Seminar at the Sonoco Institute of Packaging Design and Graphics on the campus of Clemson University, Clemson, SC.

Lidding to Ease Recycling, Source Reduction

After a medical device company requested an all-polyester lid to ease recycling, Rollprint Packaging Products Inc. (Addison, IL) set out to develop a high-performance solution for medical, pharmaceutical, and food applications. After six months of product development converting equipment upgrades, Rollprint has introduced StreamOne lidding, a 100%-polyester structure that uses as much as 50% less material compared with traditional polyester-blend lidding.

Sustainable Packaging Reaches Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

Manufacturers are concerned about their environmental effects and are making efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Rising energy and resin costs may make these eco-friendly steps particularly appealing because of their cost efficiency.

In packaging, the term sustainability emerged after Lee Scott of low-cost-leader Wal-Mart mentioned it in a 2005 speech. Ever since, the term has linked environmentally friendly practices with business efficiency.

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Abbott Implementing More than 40 Sustainable Packaging Initiatives

Abbott is progressing toward meeting its goal of reducing the amount of packaging it uses for key products by 5% by 2013. To achieve this goal, the company has launched, or is in the process of launching, more than 40 sustainable packaging initiatives across its nutrition, pharmaceutical, and medical products businesses. The initiatives are driven by new standards and guidelines developed by Abbott that encourage increased use of lighter and sustainable materials in package design.

"Abbott's sustainable packaging initiatives will reduce our environmental footprint through less waste in landfills, more responsible forest management, and fewer emissions. At the same time, it lowers cost, and, in some cases, reduces shelf space for our customers," says John Landgraf, senior vice president, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing and Supply, Abbott. "Throughout the world, consumers increasingly expect the companies they do business with to be environmentally responsible citizens and Abbott is rising to that challenge."

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