Proteus Packaging Receives SFI and FSC Chain-of-Custody Certifications

Proteus Packaging has obtained chain-of-custody certifications under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) as part of the company’s corporate responsibility initiative.
The SFI and FSC certifications enable Proteus to offer clients packaging materials that have been traced to responsibly managed woodlands, the company reported in a press release. Both SFI and FSC employ third-party audits to ensure continued compliance with their extensive criteria. 

GPO Contracts SRI Surgical to Provide Reusable Surgical Products

Healthcare group purchasing organization (GPO) MedAssets Supply Chain Systems LLC has contracted SRI/Surgical Express Inc. (SRI Surgical) to provide reusable surgical products, instrument programs, and a new product offering, the Hybrid Preference Pack, a sustainable surgical kitting solution combining reusable and disposable surgical items that it co-markets and distributes exclusively with Cardinal Health. This is the second consecutive contract between MedAssets and SRI Surgical, Med Assets reported. The new three-year agreement started December 1, 2010.

Universal Tray Enhances Product Protection, Reduces Package Weight

Perfecseal, a Bemis Company, has been awarded the Gold Medal, Roll Fed–Medical Category, in the Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE) 2010 Thermoforming Competition. Collaborating with Ascent, a division of Stryker, the two companies redesigned the packaging for Ascent’s Gyrus ACMI device.

Meet the Press: CPGs Map the Future

A panel of respected professionals from leading consumer packaged goods companies will face the industry press at Pack Expo International 2010 to offer their opinions on the latest developments in packaging.

Finding the Right Recipe for Sustainability

Packaging plays a huge role product protection, especially when it comes to pharmaceuticals and sterile medical devices, points out Jason Crosby, medical business manager for Plastic Ingenuity Inc. (PI: Cross Plains, WI). At the same time, “there is a huge buzz in the industry: everyone is looking for the right recipe for packaging sustainability,” he notes. For one PI customer, Help Remedies, a molded fiber clamshell provided that recipe, resulting in a 2010 AmeriStar Packaging award in the Pharmaceutical/Drug Category.

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Carbon Reduction Certification for Baxter International's FLEXBUMIN

Baxter International received Carbon Reduction certification from the UK-based Carbon Trust for FLEXBUMIN [Albumin (Human)], which is the first and only albumin therapy in a flexible, plastic container, and the first and only medical product to receive this certification. Baxter has published a case study on the unique packaging detailing the change and its benefits.

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Sustainability: Packaging Suppliers Step Up

"Sustainability has become an important issue for many pharmaceutical companies," says Gene Dul, President Schreiner MediPharm L.P. "Sustainable product design considers all the lifecycles of a product, from production to the use of the product and all the way to disposal or recycling. In general, it is crucial that all stakeholders are committed to sustainability, i.e. customers, employees, shareholders, business partners and suppliers as well as the social environment.

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What Do Hospital Buyers Think about Packaging Waste?

PMP News asked Gina Pugliese, RN, MS, vice president of Premier’s Safety Institute, a few questions pertaining to packaging sustainability.

Is reducing the amount of packaging waste when it comes to pharmaceutical and medical packaging important to hospitals? Why or why not?

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Packaging Sustainability for the Life Sciences Industry

Sustainability has become mainstream, and European standards may influence the development of global standards. But there could be some unintended consequences to sustainability that medical device manufacturers should be wary of when redesigning packaging.

By Patrick Nolan, President, DDL Inc.

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Whole Foods Market Institutes New Sustainable Packaging Guidelines for All Body Care and Supplement Suppliers

Whole Foods Market reports that it has implemented new responsible packaging guidelines for all body care and supplement suppliers. As part of the change, the company has switched to post-consumer recycled (PCR) content bottles for several of its store-brand supplements and body care products.

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