FDA Issues Safety Alert on Reumofan Plus

The agency is warning consumers about supplements marketed as natural treatments for muscle pain, osteoporosis and other conditions.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today issued a new warning to consumers about the potential health risks of two products marketed as natural dietary supplements for treating arthritis, muscle pain, osteoporosis, bone cancer, and other conditions. The products, Reumofan Plus and Reumofan Plus Premium, contain several potentially harmful active pharmaceutical ingredients that are not listed on the product labels.

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Thorne Research, Helsinn to Provide Supplements to Cancer Patients

The companies are joining forces to provide OncoQOL nutritional supplements and personal care products to patients undergoing treatment for cancer.

Thorne Research, Inc., a leader in developing and manufacturing pure, high quality nutritional supplements and personal care products marketed through medical professionals, and Helsinn, a rapidly growing pharmaceutical group based in Lugano, Switzerland, today announced the launch of the OncoQOL™ product line – a portfolio of 13 nutritional supplements intended to support the unique nutritional needs of patients undergoing cancer treatment.  The OncoQOL portfolio also includes the DermaQOL™ product line, with nine personal care products specially formulated to suppor

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Bio-Solutions to Produce Glucose-Control Dietary Supplement

Type2 Defense is a powdered product designed to help diabetic and pre-diabetic patients manage their glucose levels.

Bio-Solutions Corp is pleased to announce that the company has started production of the recently acquired Type2 Defense. Type2 Defense is an Antioxidant and glucose control dietary supplement powder. This proprietary formula is packaged with 30 packets to a box. The product powder drink mix delivery system has been developed to support healthy glucose levels for type 2 diabetics and pre-diabetics.

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CRM Laboratories Recalls Supplements Marketed as ED Treatment

The company is recalling X-ROCK and Z-Rock products because the supplements may contain ingredients not listed on the packaging.

CRM Laboratories is conducting a consumer/user level recall of all X-ROCK 3 Day Pill For Men and Z-ROCK products sold between October, 2011 and April, 2012. Finished product of X-ROCK 3 Day Pill for Men and Z-ROCK was tested and found to contain an analogue of an ingredient in an FDA-approved drug. Analytical tests conducted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) concluded that the products contained sildenafil and hydroxythiohomosildenafil.

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Everett Laboratories Sues Alleged Supplements Copycat

The patent infringement lawsuit alleges Trigen Laboratories is making and selling copycat prenatal supplements.

Everett Laboratories, Inc., a leader in the field of prenatal supplementation, today announced that it had filed a patent infringement lawsuit with a motion for a preliminary injunction in the United States District Court of New Jersey against Trigen Laboratories, Inc., a specialty niche pharmaceutical company.  The lawsuit asserts, among other things, that Trigen is infringing United States Patent No.

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