Resource Maintenance Software to Aid Manufacturers in Preventing Recalls

Valdata has launched a campaign to help manufacturers and pharmaceutical packaging partners to manage maintenance and avoid recalls.

In light of the increasing number of manufacturer recalls, Valdata Systems has launched a campaign focusing on educating manufacturers on ways to ensure proper maintenance of equipment and prevent future recalls.

Valdata has developed an integrated set of modules within its Chemical Management System (“CMS”) which enforcesresource maintenance rules. The result is a higher level of protection from quality issues resulting in product recalls.

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Clinical Trial Services Provider Selects SYSPRO ERP Software

Sherpa Clinical Packaging, a provider of clinical trial material management services such as packaging, labeling, distribution, and returns, has chosen SYSPRO ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) software for financial, manufacturing, and materials management, reported SYSPRO in a press release.

According to Sherpa President Mark Paiz, the company intends to use SYSPRO ERP software to control all company functions, including finance/accounting, purchasing, manufacturing (shop floor control), inventory management, lot traceability, and distribution.

Verify Brand Announces the Release of VB Enterprise 2.0

Verify Brand (Minneapolis) has released VB Enterprise 2.0, a suite of Web-based, configurable software applications for fighting counterfeiting, grey market diversion, warranty and return fraud, and theft. It also aims to ease handling of recalls, manufacturing overruns, and brand promotion. The patent-pending platform manages the life cycle of unique product identification by increasing supply-chain visibility.

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Upp Technology Enhances irms|EM Software

Based on feedback from public health agencies and first responders, Upp Technology Inc. (Downers Grove, Ill.) enhances the company’s award-winning irms|EM (Emergency Management) software. The new irms|EM product enhancements streamline the order fulfillment and distribution process of H1N1 vaccines and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to partner agencies, private facilities, and the general public.

"Our collaborative, hands-on approach to business allows us to understand our client’s mission and provide them with sustainable business value,” says Carl Brewer, president of Upp Technology ( “With 10 states slotted to complete the upgrade in September, irms|EM will be well positioned to handle the upcoming H1N1 vaccine distribution."

Parsec Automation Corp. Introduces Mobile Productivity Software

Parsec Automation Corp. (Brea, CA) has introduced the newest generation of its real-time performance solution LEANTrak. It aims to be a mobile productivity solution that quickly collects relevant data from production systems without any changes to the existing assets without disrupting the operations.

Paperboard Provider Wraps Up Software Solution

A manufacturer of paperboard packaging partners with a technology integrator to combat counterfeiting.

By Daphne Allen

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RFID Training and Certification

The Kennedy Group’s Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) group and RFID4U, a division of eSmart Source Inc., are developing joint training and certification classes. Classes will be held in The Kennedy Group’s 7000-sq-ft RFID Customer Solution Center in Willoughby, OH. During the classes, The Kennedy Group will offer its line of RFID Starter Kits (including bundled hardware, software, and Smart Therm labels), and RFID4U will provide all course materials and instructors. Classes are currently scheduled for March 21–24, 2006.

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Software Opens Up Communications

Industry’s progress toward a standard for modular software for running packaging lines and interfacing with product production software promotes line integration, and recipe-driven product changeovers and format changes. In this approach, parameterized, pretested, reusable software function blocks from software libraries replace the need to write original code.

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