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To Do More with Less, Develop a Portfolio Management Process

Cost-cutting is a frequent task of today's packaging engineer. Pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers are looking to reduce costs wherever they can, so engineers must balance new packaging development with savings-minded product life cycle management.

But how can packaging engineers possibly juggle this increasing workload? Companies must develop a portfolio management process for prioritizing all projects, advises Stephen Birtsas, a manager with global innovation management consultancy Kalypso.

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Maintaining Critical Quality Attributes through Sorbents

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are delving deeper into understanding the sensitivities of their drug products, with many finding that they require more than just an off-the-shelf solution.

Thanks to ICH Q8 on Pharmaceutical Development, considerations such as Quality by Design, Critical Quality Attributes, and Design Space have crept into day-to-day drug development and production, influencing several packaging decisions. In essence, these concepts have encouraged drug manufacturers to better understand drug stability, resulting in a closer examination of risks using science.

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Rx-360 Can Advance Audit-Sharing Plans after Positive FTC Opinion

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) does not plan to challenge Rx-360 on its audit-sharing programs in which pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies share supplier-audit information and expenses. According to Rx-360, this decision will enable the consortium to proceed with plans to implement its audit sharing programs.  

Wyeth Recognizes Six Global Suppliers for Outstanding 2008 Performance

Wyeth (Collegeville, PA) has announced the winners of its first-ever Global Recognition for Outstanding Wyeth Suppliers (GROWS) awards program. Recipients were selected by Wyeth for their outstanding performance during 2008 in six categories: Quality; Delivery; Customer Service; Technical Support; Continuous Improvement; and Supplier of the Year.

Suppliers to Wyeth’s major manufacturing sites in North America and Europe were evaluated by a selection committee made up of procurement, manufacturing and quality and compliance representatives from the company’s Technical Operations and Product  Supply (TO&PS) network.

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