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Suspected Defect Prompts Some EU Member States to Halt Vaccine Use

Because of a "suspected quality defect," some European Union (EU) Member States have stopped the use of some anti-influenza vaccines manufactured by Novartis Vaccines, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) reports in a press release. "The suspected defect involves the aggregation of proteins that are a normal part of the vaccines," the EMA states. It adds that halting use is a precautionary action because to date there are no reports that the suspected defect affects vaccine safety or efficacy.

Salary Survey: Compensated for Quality

Packaging professionals worry about cost cutting and consolidation, but realize that high-tech skills and dedication to quality are in demand.

Concerns over consolidation, cost cutting, and downsizing preoccupy pharmaceutical and medical device packaging professionals responding to this year’s annual salary survey conducted exclusively for Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News. And if these reductions weren’t enough, these professionals have added a new worry: healthcare reform. Several respondents indicated that they are bracing for the impact of health care legislation, which some fear could lower overall lower compensation in the industry.


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Achieving Quality by Design

Packagers can step up quality and address inevitable variations through a better-informed product development process.

Product quality has been suffering as of late, with recalls of FDA-regulated products skyrocketing. Recalls for products overseen by all FDA centers totaled 9288 in 2011, compared with 4266 in 2006.

Speakers at the Pharmapack North America conference in May argued that product quality could be better ensured through better product and process understanding and better risk management.

Editorial: What Is Your Company's Back Up Plan?

This week Endo Pharmaceuticals reported that several of its products may experience a "constraint" or "disruption" in supply following the temporary shutdown of Novartis Consumer Health Inc.'s Lincoln, NE, manufacturing facility, where these Endo drugs have been manufactured.

Broken Tablets, Possible Mix-Ups in Packaging Lead Novartis to Recall Certain OTC Drugs

Packaging inconsistencies as well as broken or chipped tablets have prompted Novartis Consumer Health Inc. (NCH) to conduct a sweeping recall.

Investigating Glass Delamination

A researcher tackles some commonly asked questions about the delamination issues that have been troubling the industry.

A spate of drug recalls earlier this year has renewed attention on their cause: glass delamination. Glass vials have been long considered safe because of their longevity in the industry.

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Editorial: Should Industry Step Up Redundancy to Prevent Drug Shortages?

To address what is becoming a "significant public health problem," FDA this week released the report, "A Review of FDA's Approach to Medical Product Shortages." In particular, it details several agency concerns about sterile injectables, which have accounted for the majority of drugs in short supply. FDA's findings bring to mind the number of drug recalls the industry has seen over the last couple years because of quality concerns.

Uhlmann’s Push for PAT

By Marie Redding
Freelance Writer

Uhlmann VisioTec began focusing on PAT solutions in 2000, but it became a major initiative in 2004 and 2005. Since then, Christoph Lehmann, director, Uhlmann VisioTec, says this business has been continually increasing. The company provides certain tools that can support many different approaches to PAT. “The more a company does, the more they can save,” says Lehmann.

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PMP News Welcomes Three New Editorial Advisory Board Members

We are pleased to announce that three packaging professionals have joined our Editorial Advisory Board:

Michael Forehand, Principal Packaging Engineer, Global Engineering and Technology, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals;

Dan Penny, Director of Packaging Engineering, Cardinal Health;

and Edward M. Dunn, Senior Director Packaging Technology, Merck Manufacturing Division.

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Quality In Packaging

Members of PMP News's Editorial Advisory Board focus on trends in package quality assurance.
Inspection technology and supply chain controls are helping to ensure packaging quality and product protection, as pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers face demands for user-friendly packaging. Speaking on the issue for this year’s Industry Outlook are the following members from PMP News’s Editorial Advisory Board: John Bitner, director of packaging development, Watson Pharmaceuticals; D. Bruce Cohen, principal,
PackTechPlus LLC; Michael L. Forehand, principal packaging engineer, global engineering and technology,
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