Barton Group SqueezyStraw Pouch Takes Silver Edison Award

Barton Innovation Group Inc. of New York has been named a winner of a 2015 Silver Edison Award for its SqueezyStraw packaging.

The new single-serve dispensing pouch has its own built-in sipping straw with a segmented straw section, a merchandising feature, and an available stand-up pouch configuration. It can accommodate all liquids – chilled, frozen, or ambient. It opens at a tear notch.

Pouch-Making Machines to Be Installed in Europe

Two new pouch-making machines from Elba will be delivered to packaging manufacturers in Europe within the next couple months. SA-M machines from Elba SpA can be used to produce pre-made pouches and bags for the medical and pharmaceutical market. The machines can utilize medical-grade paper, Tyvek, PET/PE, PA/PE, PE/PE, ALU, or coextruded materials, either printed or unprinted.

The SA-M machine can be fully configured according to customer specifications, enabling Elba to provide what it calls "a tailor-made solution."

Sealing Parameters for Polyamide Pouches