Glenroy Inc. Celebrates 50 Years in Flexible Packaging

Glenroy Inc. commemorated its 50-year anniversary this July. It is a converter and printer of flexible packaging film and stand-up pouches.

Founders Edwin, Ruth, and Roy Jablonka established the company in July 1965 in Milwaukee, WI, and it was named after Edwin and Ruth's two sons, Glen and Roy.

Prolamina Celebrates Westfield, MA Facility Groundbreaking

Prolamina Corporation, a North American packaging company that serves the food, medical, and specialty markets, celebrated breaking ground on a major renovation of its Westfield, MA manufacturing facility. 

Barton Group SqueezyStraw Pouch Takes Silver Edison Award

Barton Innovation Group Inc. of New York has been named a winner of a 2015 Silver Edison Award for its SqueezyStraw packaging.

The new single-serve dispensing pouch has its own built-in sipping straw with a segmented straw section, a merchandising feature, and an available stand-up pouch configuration. It can accommodate all liquids – chilled, frozen, or ambient. It opens at a tear notch.

Pouch-Making Machines to Be Installed in Europe

Two new pouch-making machines from Elba will be delivered to packaging manufacturers in Europe within the next couple months. SA-M machines from Elba SpA can be used to produce pre-made pouches and bags for the medical and pharmaceutical market. The machines can utilize medical-grade paper, Tyvek, PET/PE, PA/PE, PE/PE, ALU, or coextruded materials, either printed or unprinted.

The SA-M machine can be fully configured according to customer specifications, enabling Elba to provide what it calls "a tailor-made solution."

Sealing Parameters for Polyamide Pouches