Measuring MVTR and Oxygen Transmission

Alcan Implements Stage-Gate System Supporting Lean Six Sigma

Energy Drink Converts to PET Bottle for Impact, Savings

by David Vaczek 

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Standard Wraps Up Pouch Specs

by David Vaczek

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Put Temperature to the Test

Temperature-sensitive parcel packaging needs new testing standards.

Don Pagel, President and CEO, Kodiak Thermal Technologies, Inc.

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Fisher BioServices Adopts Credo Container for Flu Vaccines

A bio services firm plans expanded use of Minnesota Thermal Science’s shippers.

By David Vaczek
Senior Editor

As a provider of logistics, laboratory, and repository services for clinical trials, Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Fisher BioServices (Rockville, MD) ships temperature-sensitive drugs, patient specimens, collection and shipping kits, and bulk supplies to sites around the world. The contract services business stores more than 120 million samples including blood, urine, tissue, environmental, and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

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Top Packaging Questions Answered

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Point-of-Manufacture Sterilization

A look at the material compatibility of Eastar 6763 copolyester with vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization.

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Industry People

Larry Davis

Kevin Gipson

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Industry Briefs

Two packaging companies have agreed to a partnership. The collaboration between Qualis Packaging and The Filling Station (both of Flemington, NJ) would supply turnkey set box, small container filling, and vial on card perfume, and tube filling . . . . Three of Alcan Packaging’s (France) plants have received ISO 15378:2006 certification for producing pharmaceutical packaging.

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