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TASI Test & Inspection to Show Blister Pack Inspection Device at Pharma Expo

TASI Test & Inspection, a technology provider in leak detection systems, visual and functional package testing, inspection, and monitoring equipment, will be showing products from its three brands ALPS, Sepha, and Bonfiglioi Engineering at Pack/Pharma Expo in Las Vegas Sept. 28-30. It will be located at booth S-6211. 

Innovation for All: Inclusive Design in Oslo

The Innovation for All conference (its official spelling is “Innovation4All”), hosted by the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture and The Helen Hamlyn Centre at London’s Royal College of Art, takes place every two years. I’ve attended the event in Olso before, as well as other London-based events organized by the Helen Hamlyn Centre.

New Package Testing Company Poised to Help Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Life Pack Labs is a new package testing company created through a joint venture between MOCON Inc. and Life Packaging Technology LLC. The new firm aims to work with pharmaceutical and medical device companies as well as related suppliers to improve time-to-market and reduce costs, the company reported in a news release.

MOCON manufactures technology to evaluate package permeation, headspace, and integrity, and Life Packaging Technology provides package engineering services.

Testing Company Expands Capacity to Reduce Lead Times

Testing company DDL has acquired 5000 sq ft of space in Orange, CA. The additional facility for medical testing will help the company meet customer needs to reduce lead times, a request that is becoming more common as the device industry struggles to cut costs, says Corey Hensel, General Manager at DDL.

Sterile Barrier Packaging: Common Causes of Failures and How to Correct Them

Achieving and maintaining sterility are two of the industry’s biggest challenges. Understanding package testing and validation is essential.

By Wendy S. Mach
Packaging Section Leader, BS, RM (NRCM), CQA (ASQ), Nelson Laboratories

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Keeping Pace with Customers: One Instrumentation and Testing Company Says Evolution Is Key

By Maureen Kingsley

As medical devices and pharmaceuticals grow ever more sophisticated and complex, their sensitivity to the environment tends to increase. Minneapolis-based MOCON Inc., a manufacturer of testing instrumentation and provider of laboratory and consulting services exhibiting at MD&M West again this year, understands sophisticated products and their environmental vulnerabilities and makes it a point to improve the sensitivity of its tests and instruments accordingly.

DuPont Medical Packaging Educational Seminars

Experts from DuPont address questions from its latest Webcasts.

In a special global packaging online community, PMP News and DuPont Medical Packaging presented “Current Events in Healthcare Packaging,” and “Microbial Barrier Properties of Porous Sterile Barrier Systems: Does Selection of the Packaging Material Matter?” John Bamberger of DuPont Medical and Pharmaceutical Protection received several questions during the events. He provides written responses below.

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IPS Testing Laboratory Receives ISO 17025 Accreditation

The independent laboratory tests packaging, toys and other products.

IPS Testing, the Appleton-based independent testing laboratory, has just announced that it has received ISO 17025 accreditation. This is the quality standard recognized globally for testing and calibration laboratories.

With this certification, IPS Testing is now accredited for ICP analysis of heavy metals and GC-MS analysis of phthalates. The company has also added toy testing to its menu of services.

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Stick with Physical Integrity Tests

HealthPack hosted one of its largest--if not the largest--audiences ever last week in Albuquerque.

Supporting Precise, Repeatable Package Testing

Versatile and more sensitive testers promise to lower downtime and product losses.
Package testers with multiple testing modes and higher sensitivity offer OEMs with a diversity of medical packaging systems the ability to test packaging faster and with more precision.
For performing the package integrity and seal strength tests required by ISO 11607, Packaging For Terminally Sterilized Medical Devices, TM Electronics Inc.
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