Study: Orphan Drugs Offer Economic, Treatment Potential

According to a recent report, orphan drugs generate more than $50 billion in revenue annually.

Orphan drugs treat rare diseases, affecting from 1 to 200,000 people - they are the new blockbusters according to analysis done by Life Sciences consultants with Thomson Reuters. The Intellectual Property & Science business of Thomson Reuters, the world's leading provider of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, today released the results of its study on orphan drugs, developed to treat rare diseases, finding that they have the potential to generate as much lifetime revenue as drugs used for more common health conditions.

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Omeros Announces Unlocking of Class A Orphan GPCRs

The unlocking of the compounds, according to the company, could lead to new treatments for autism, osteoarthritis neuropsychiatric disorders.

Omeros Corp. announced that it has identified compounds that functionally interact with each of five additional orphan G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs). Without compounds that functionally interact with orphan GPCRs, developing drugs targeting those receptors is extremely difficult. Omeros has now unlocked 42 Class A orphan GPCRs, representing over half of these targets. There are approximately 120 orphan GPCRs and Omeros expects to unlock a large percentage of them, focusing first on Class A orphans.

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