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BD Launches Advanced Device for Insulin Injection

The Ultra-Fine Nano 4mm pen needles include five-bevel needle tips designed to provide diabetes patients with easier insulin injection.

Studies suggest that as many as one-fifth to one-third of people with diabetes are hesitant or unwilling to give themselves insulin injections for reasons that include needle anxiety. Patients who reported injection-related pain or embarrassment also admitted they intentionally skipped insulin injections more often. A study by the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) revealed that 47% of people with diabetes would be more likely to administer their injections regularly if a product were available that would ease the pain and discomfort of injections.

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GenMark Diagnostics Receives Clearance for RVP Test

The eSensor respiratory viral panel enables concurrent detection of clinically relevant viral strains.

Smith & Nephew Launches Hinged Knee Replacement

The LEGION HK implant is a hinged device using normal knee kinematics.
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