Constantia Flexibles and GSK Win Alufoil Awards

Constantia Flexibles and GlaxoSmithKline took home Alufoil Trophies from the European Aluminum Foil Association for their newest packaging solutions: the Constantia Perform sterilizable lidding foil and GSK’s Ellipta tray and lid.

Building a Barrier to Infection

Specialty lidding played a critical role in preserving alcohol-saturated sponges in novel disinfection caps for central line catheter access valves.

Because central lines are catheters intended to deliver IV fluids for long periods of time directly into the vessels closest to the heart, patients with such catheter lines are at particular risk of infection. According to the CDC, about 250,000 central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI) occur in U.S. hospitals each year with a mortality rate of 12‒22%.

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