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Webcast on Companion Diagnostics to Include Labeling Discussion

PMP News's sister publication IVD Technology will be hosting a paid Webcast on companion diagnostics on Thursday, November 10. According to Richard Park, editor of IVD Technology, companion diagnostics for personalized medicine is the most important emerging trend in the IVD industry today.

In-Mold Labeling for Tubes

Two companies unite to introduce injection-molded tubes with in-mold-labeling.

Cosmetic packaging provider Topline Products is working with tube manufacturer Viva Healthcare to market injection-molded polypropylene (PP) tubes with in-mold labeling (IML). The technology, created by Viva Healthcare, offers both aesthetic and environmentally friendly features. “We are now ready for mass production of this tube,” reports Charles Chang, president of Topline Products.

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Webcast Wrap Up: Understanding Braille Packaging Requirements

Earlier this year, PMP News held the Webcast, “Understanding Braille Packaging Requirements.” Speaking on current Braille standards around the world were Nosco’s Braille Implementation Advisor, Rachel Greiner, and Director of Quality, Dick Leach. Greiner and Leach examined how pharmaceutical companies can adopt quality standards that adhere to global Braille requirements.

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New Virtual Conference Focused on Track & Trace Solutions for the Pharma Sector

Now in our archives is our exclusive virtual conference event that examines one of the key issues facing the Pharma and BioPharma supply chain, counterfeit drugs. Titled ‘Pharmaceutical Track & Trace and Authentication: The Fight against Fake Drugs’, the event is presented by UBM brands Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News, Tracking & Tracing Pharmaceutical Products, InnoPack, and Pharmapack in association with CPhI Conferences. The online format features two supplier webinars, two “exhibition halls” and a lineup of featured speakers.

Heidelberg Acquires CSAT

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) has acquired CSAT GmbH, a provider of industrial digital printing systems that can be integrated into production lines. This purchase enables Heidelberg to expand its digital print portfolio as well as add technology and expertise in the areas of drop-on-demand inkjet (DoD) and electrophotography.

FDA Greets Summer with New Sunscreen Labeling Rules and More

FDA is undertaking new strategies to inform consumers about sunscreen products, issuing a final rule, looking into a new one, and providing new guidance.

The agency has finalized regulation regarding labeling statements that can be made about passing FDA’s test for protection against both ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) rays. Products that have passed can be labeled as “Broad Spectrum,” FDA reports on its Web site.

Printer Adopts Flexo on Demand

L&N Label Co. (Clearwater, FL) has invested in next-generation flexographic prepress equipment to print pressure-sensitive labels for pharmaceuticals and other products. L&N Label purchased an Esko Cyrel Digital flexo plate Imager (CDI) last year and reports that it has been able to expedite production turnaround at higher volumes.

Perrigo to Introduce New Dosing System and Labeling for Certain Pediatric Pain Relievers Pharmaceutical Companies

Perrigo Company announced it will be changing the dosing device for pediatric suspensions from a dropper to a new syringe dosing system designed to help consumers more clearly dispense the proper amount of medication. The company will also be labeling its dye-free infants' and children's pediatric suspensions as high-fructose corn syrup-free (see also Pharmaceutical Companies).

New Schreiner MediPharm Labels Enhance Patient Safety

Schreiner MediPharm ( introduces a new multi-functional label solution for self-medicating autoinjectors and pens. The new label is equipped with a tamper-evident feature in the form of a perforation that provides assurance the autoinjector or pen was not previously opened and that it contains the correct drug.

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