Induction Sealing

ITW Pillar Tech Unveils Unifoiler 6000 for Advanced Cap-Sealing

Wisconsin-based ITW Pillar Technologies, an advanced induction cap-sealing and surface-treatment system company, announced the development of the Unifoiler 6000 in April, claiming it can seal at faster processing speeds.

Pillar’s Unifoiler cap-sealing systems offer a wide range of power supplies for waterless cap-sealing, from 1,000 watts up to 6,000 watts.

Induction Sealing Dwells on New Cap Challenges

Induction sealing has gained wide use in the drug industry since 1982, when FDA began requiring tamper-evident packaging for most OTC drugs. Besides providing tamper evidence, hermetic foil seals also prevent moisture and oxygen transmission and eliminate leakage.

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