Heat sealers

Nelipak to Show Tabletop Heat Sealer at MD&M Minneapolis

Nelipak Healthcare Packaging, a full-service global provider of custom thermoformed packaging protection for medical devices and pharmaceuticals, will be showing its NX-t1 tabletop heat sealer at booth #1016 at MD&M Minneapolis Nov. 4-5.  

Heat Sealers: Reducing Errors through Automation

A new system employs automatic pouch handling and optional product loading to reduce operator-related errors.
When it comes to traditional manual heat-sealing processes, most mistakes can be attributed to the operator, reports Lynne Barton, senior account executive for SencorpWhite.
“Operators get distracted, and one part of the process is not satisfied, leading to improperly packaged products,” Barton told PMP News at Healthpack.
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Heat Sealers: Be Consistent to Minimize Risk

How to keep a close watch on your sealing parameters and conditions.

When it comes to heat sealing, process consistency is the medical device manufacturer’s friend. Any deviation from validated sealing temperatures, dwell times, pressures, and even positioning and feeding could spell trouble.

Operator training and control are essential to maintaining such consistency. But when juggling different packages and products, as is common in low-volume medical device packaging runs, following established parameters after change over can be tricky.

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Downloading Heat Sealing Data

Belco Packaging Systems has equipped its medical shuttle-style tray sealers with embedded industrial controllers that can connect to user servers and networks.

“Because these controllers are networkable, medical device manufacturers can download data to machines to process orders and then report data back to central computers,” explains Tom Misik, Belco’s vice president of sales. “Commands and data can transfer back and forth from machine to server, even machine to machine.”

Sonoco Alloyd Debuts All-Electric Heat Sealer

Sonoco Alloyd introduced an all-electric rotary heat sealer at EastPack with the new Aergo 6E. As an enhanced version of the Aergo 6, first shown at WestPack 2012, the unit in addition to electric control of all machine movements features a new heating plate mounting system in which the heating plate is inserted into a guided shelf.
The sealer provides value for medical device packaging and other heat seal applications in using electronic actuation.

Packworld USA Introduces New Heat Sealer

Packworld USA will feature a new addition to its line of medical heat sealers with the PW3400 TOSS Touch Screen Precision Heat Sealer with VRC (variable resistance control) at EastPack in Philadelphia, June 18-20, Booth 1331.

20 Years of Heat Sealing

By David Vaczek, Senior Editor
Heat sealers have improved by increments and leaps, driven by industry guidance, FDA scrutiny, and the requirements of medical device companies for machines that consistently engender compliant seals.

PMP News Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Celebrating 20 years in Healthcare Product Packaging—A Look Back In Time… With Eyes on the Future (1993–2013)





PMP News, March 1999

Thanks to ISO 11607 and other milestones, medical device packaging has gained definite stature over the last two decades.

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Pouch Sealers Deliver Verifiable Quality

CMD Corp. offers real-time process analysis and control in sealers for the medical device packaging market.
By David Vaczek, Senior Editor
CMD Corporation (www.cmd-corp.com) has introduced pouch converting machines with enhanced process management tools for medical applications. The machines feature Intelligent Sealing Technology (IST) from CMD Corp.’s PDI division.
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TEQ Thermoform Partners With Belco Packaging

Though an alliance with Belco Packaging Systems, TEQ Thermoform Engineered Quality will provide customers with seal tooling and on-site verification of parts compatibility early on in the packaging system development process, helping to ensure the success of projects from the start.
“We are looking forward to combining our engineering quality with TEQ’s thermoforming expertise to provide customers with a true concept to completion experience,” said Michael Misik, President, Belco Packaging Systems.
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